Macarius, Athanasius, and the conjectured Arian suppression of the heavenly witnesses


This should be considered in tandem with:

writings about the Sabellian controversies

large-scale usage in the Latin Arian controversies

Nicea - heavenly witnesses use by Heraclianus contra the arian Germinius

Athanasius Disputation with Arius,

other early evidences that the Johannine first epistle and the heavenly witnesses were part of special controversy (many evidences, including the Vulgate Prologue)

early Greek ms and grammatical, stylistic and "internal" evidences.

the lack of a viable theory of omission, especially because of the Cyprian usage


In other words, the Macarius, Athanaius history is an interesting auxiliary element, which can be conjectured to have contributed to the removal of the verse.

(to be continued.. Frederick Nolan and William Hales)