I originally believed that I wanted to work in this field, but over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in anthropology, specifically human origins! Never in my life have I been so captivated by anything, and I spent this past summer doing as much reading on the topic as I possibly could. I am going to change my major to anthropology so that I can complete an honours degree with a specializationin something pertaining to human origins. Currently, and I am more than willing to put in the work to maintain this average (or something like it) while studying anthropology. Does anyone have any advice for someone hoping to pursue a masters and (hopefully) eventually a PhD in paleoanthropology? What kinds of things can I be doing now to prepare myself and or better my chances of having success being accepted to graduate programs in this field? Are programs offered in Canada (I am yet to find much), or will I be required to go abroad? Finally, what is generally appropriate to shoot for if one wishes to enter a masters program in this area?
Please help.Thanks!
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