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Thread: Do other planets have plate tectonics like the Earth?

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    Default Do other planets have plate tectonics like the Earth?

    the Earth alone in having tectonic plates that move around and remodel the planet's surface? Obviously, gas giants, like Jupiter, won't have tectonic activity, but what about the other, inner rocky planets such as Mars, Venus and Mercury? Is there evidence that they currently do, did in the past, have tectonics like us?
    Please help.
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    This is a good question.

    One thing I noticed when I studied some of this was improper extrapolation.
    Look, the plate moved 1/2 inch over 10 years, therefore it moved x miles over 100 million years (their numbers.)
    While it could be more like a little wobble.

    However, I would have to revisit some of my earlier writings, about bumper-car continents and sufi dancing continents.

    Will plan on a bit.


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