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Thread: Are there any games that don't require constant attention?

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    Default Are there any games that don't require constant attention?

    I pretty much work in an office all day by myself and I need something to kill the downtime.I want something I can play while working (I have 2 monitors). Like something I can play for 10-15mins at a time and let it sit for 10 mins.Something like Sims since you can assign them a queue of tasks and let them do their thing. And preferably free if possible. And not those flash idle clicker games.Any ideas? Or does this not exist?
    Please help.Thanks!
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    Hi Joe,

    I was in Israel so I let some of this slide. However, you have put in at least five posts that really have nothing to do with our forum. Only the one on archaeology and science is relevant.

    You can make copies of them if you want today, I plan to delete them all. And if more posts are put in that are irrelevant, I will have to remove any posting privileges.
    The non-posts take up spaces in the "most recent" posts, and that really need to be true purebible issues.



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