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Thread: Sinaiticus web-site reduces navigation and information

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    As of December 2016, many of the images as well as the Physical Description of the individual folia of Codex Sinaiticus are no longer available on the project website. We certainly hope that the images and data will be made available again soon.

    More details planned. The easy navigation we had in our times of research, that led to the incredible composite pictures prepared by David Daniels, is now more difficult. Similar with information on the pages.


    The original goal was for the web-site to be enhanced. Can we think of any reason why the British Museum is moving in the opposite direction?

    Jack Chick (1924-2016) predicted that the information would be lessened or taken down. This was shared by David Daniels a little while back, probably late 2015.


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    Sinaiticus web-site up and running correctly mid-January.

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