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Thread: Psalm 12:6-7 the margin note - theme of full Psalm

  1. Default Psalm 12:6-7 the margin note - theme of full Psalm

    Hi Folks,

    On the FFF forum, I placed the semi-full first study (that I know of) of the margin notes in the KJB 1611.

    the meaning of Psalms 12:6-7

    There is also a section on the Psalm's theme, taken from my earlier post on the closed AV1611, and maybe some more coming.

    Note that I have a lot on ignore on that forum, however it is the only forum currently having a semblance of real discussion on any issues between KJB defenders and the others (putting aside PuritanBoard, which has very restricted membership, and maybe a couple of other 'vertical' forums).

    Steven Avery

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    Hi Steven,

    The ignore feature only works for you on your settings. When I go there, I see all the posts. Going there now to read. Thank you for your perseverance in posting under the adverse circumstances you face with the sharks circling. I for one am impressed with "Avery's bravery."


  3. Default waiting on any more Psalm 12 discussion there

    Hi Folks,

    Thanks for the kind words and the note on the thread.

    The real stuff there is posts 12-22, I am waiting to see whether to go into the thread more. The basic Mattoon position is a type of grammatical fallacy in action (a couple of them put together) however that forum is a bit dense and the two issues already covered, the theme of the Psalm as a whole and the margin note analysis, are substantive for most any Psalm 12 thread.

    Steven Avery

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