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Thread: 2014 Vienna conference on Simonides - "Science Deceived: A Genius Fools Europe"

  1. Default 2014 Vienna conference on Simonides - "Science Deceived: A Genius Fools Europe"

    “Science Deceived: A Genius Fools Europe.Symposium for the 194th birthday of Konstantinos Simonides” (2014)
    https://www.academia.edu/9287395/Science_deceived._A_Genius_Fools_Europe_Die_get%C3 %A4uschte_Wissenschaft_Ein_Genie_betr%C3%BCgt_Euro pa._Exhibition_catalogue_



    Friederike Berger (Leipzig University Library)

    Luciano Bossina (University of Padua),

    Lilia Diamantopoulou (University of Vienna)

    Christian Gastgeber (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)

    Jürgen Hammerstaedt (University of Cologne)

    Mariliza Mitsou (EHESS, Paris)

    Andreas E. Müller (University of Vienna)

    Anna Mykoniati (KMST, Thessaloniki)

    Pasquale Massimo Pinto (University of Bari)

    Robert Sablatnig (Vienna University of Technology)

    Manfred Schreiner (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)

    Niketas Siniossoglu (University of Athens)

    Wolfgang Speyer (University of Salzburg)

    Birgit Wagner (University of Vienna).

    Organizers: Andreas E. Müller , Muller Mueller

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  2. Default deception and beguiling of the sciences

    And today, the sciences are still being deceived, by their not accepting a true Simonides production.

    University of Vienna
    Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

    The deception and beguiling of the sciences, the problem of recognizing the "authentic" and the "fake": these themes, with particular reference to the forgeries of Konstantinos Simonides, constitute the principal focus of this symposium, organized by the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the University of Vienna.

  3. Default 2017 - Symposium book published

    Info here

    Die getäuschte Wissenschaft: Ein Genie betrügt Europa – Konstantinos Simonides (2017)

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