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Thread: Your thoughts and ideas here !

  1. Default Your thoughts and ideas here !

    In addition to posting underneath the other posts.. use this thread as a catchall.
    Any miscellaneous idea can go here for discussion.

    Or you can start a "New Thread".


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    Default Member List

    Hi Steven,

    I noticed that when I click on the Member List only two names appear, Admin and GG. Will the Member List be available to registered users? Some forums hide the member list, others make it available to members, others make it available to anyone. What will the policy be?



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    Default Troubleshooting

    Should we have a thread for troubleshooting or to report glitches, problems, questions in how to use forum features, etc? Or use this thread as a catchall?

    We need everyone's patience and suggestions as we get started. We want a smooth and pleasant forum experience, but there are always issues.


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