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Thread: Research Planning and Index for Jerome's Vulgate Prologue

  1. Default Research Planning and Index for Jerome's Vulgate Prologue

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    Research and Planning Index


    Vulgate Prologue - super-evidence - 2 Pages

    Vulgate Prologue - super-evidence
    Jerome’s Prologue to the Canonical Epistles - English translations
    Vulgate prologue and the heavenly witnesses - Wikipedia article - Eustochium to Jerome
    Regensburg ms shows Jerome's support of heavenly witnesses text - Fickermann
    heavenly witnesses - correcting a limited chronology
    bibliography of the Martianay internal arguments used contra Vulgate Prologue authenticity as from Jerome
    today the supposed reason for non-authenticity is the tentative assertion that Jerome did not translate the Epistles
    Jerome's claim to translate the full New Testament
    unraveling the scholarship
    Jerome thrice says that he revised the (whole of the) New Testament
    reasons why Jerome is considered to be not the author of Acts and Epistles and Revelation
    Amy Donaldson references to Jerome
    supposed late dating of the Vulgate Prologue was key to the opposition to its authenticity
    summarizing the historical arguments contra authenticity - emphasis on Martianay and Benson (Travis section)
    Vincent of Lerins - Peregrinus - unknown editor- please, must be somebody other than Jerome!
    David Martin shreds frivolous arguments of Martianay and John Mill - Richard Simon
    Albert A. Bell and Jerome translating the full Vulgate
    wild attempts to find an alternative to Jerome as author of the Prologue - attempt to claim Fuldensis Prologue was later
    who was the first to assert that the Prologue was not Jerome? and what reasons did they give?
    A. W. Argyle - who was the first to assert that Jerome did not revise the full New Testament

    Jerome's five references to translating full Vulgate NT
    response of Albert A. Bell to A. W. Argyle paper
    Facebook - New Testament Scholarship Worldwide - 2015
    Jean Martianay on the Vulgate Prologue
    the full Vulgate Prologue chronology from Erasmus to today
    Thomas Smith - before Martianay, responding to Sandius and Simon
    the full Richard Simon section on the Vulgate Prologue
    (end 27)

    Potemius of Lisbon

    Victricius of Rouen

    Phoebadius of Agen

    'multiplication of nothings' - searching out the contra Vulgate Prologue authenticity arguments

    Antoine Eugène Genoud

    Jerome's additional references and connections to the heavenly witnesses verse

    Prologue in Codex Cavensis

    research background - Vulgate Prologue, canonical epistles, Fuldensis text

    Is there really any dispute about Jerome's authorship of the Vulgate Prologue?

    why the contras have to deny the clear authenticity of the Vulgate Prologue of Jerome

    John Lupia defends authenticity of heavenly witnesses and Vulgate Prologue

    Jerome, who writes accurately, affirms he revised the entire New Testament

    short thoughts - Steven Avery - on various Vulgate Prologue non-authenticity arguments

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    Add-on Misc Notes to be integrated:

    Knittel - equivocal, and then tries to argue from 9th century
    Evanson - negative, and then tries to argue from 9th century

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