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    Eugenius Bulgaris bio post put in 2014 to the WhichVersion forum

    SA NOTES: Check earlier post - Map - Glance at Eudora -Add new material - "next post"- Yahoo neo urls
    Top post> sister threads, including new one on Greek Orthodox - add Facebook threads...
  2. Daniel Sapp on Isaiah 53 - Romans and Psalm connection missing in Jobe/Silva

    From the NT Textual Criticism forum (bring over the other posts too)...
  3. Paul F. Herring and Frank Selch

    One reference to the Frank Selch paper.


    A blog from the same author (add colour to quotes):

    'There Are None Righteous' -The Apostle Paul? - (May, 2015)
    Error Alert...
  4. Peter Mogila - The Orthodox Confession of the Eastern Church - 1643

    Peter Simeonovich Mogila - (1596-1646) - Romanian Orthodox - Metropolitan of Kiev

    Petru Movilă, Ukrainian (Петру Мовилэ)
    Петро Симеонович Могила,...
  5. the Greek Orthodox history of accepting the Reformation Bible correction of the heavenly witnesses in their Greek Bibles

    sister thread
    Eugenius Bulgaris on the solecism, include bio on post#6

    Facebook discussion on the Greek Orthodox Bibles
    Textus Receptus Bibles ...
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    Benedict bio - three names

    Simonides said he was
    1) Basileion
    2) Bessarion (Vissarion) (at Kydonies)
    3) Benedict at Esphigmenos till his death (monk at Athos)

    We should extract the Simonides phrases

    And this will...
  8. famouse words - hold on to your Bible

    "Listen to me --- I'm from the textual criticism community and I am here to help your Bible."
  9. additional discussion resource

    King James Bible Debate - 2014
    The KJBD posts...
  10. "Erasmus (and Stephanus and Beza and the AV) practiced textual criticism"

    A discussion from Facebook, CARM and various spots over the years.
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    the writers c. 1850-1860 undrestood the corruption of Vaticanus

    Here is one of many.

    WIP - TBC
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    It would be helpful to track down the Latin of...

    It would be helpful to track down the Latin of Blanchini and Montfaucon

    The early date movement began with Hug, and he is best accessed in the Granville Penn edition.
    Not sure if Griesbach has a...
  13. More from Michaelis ...

    More from Michaelis
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    The first article is one of the many excellent...

    The first article is one of the many excellent articles written c. 1850-1870 that understood the corruptness of Vaticanus. (This needs its own thread, if there is not one yet.)

    And this article...
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    dates assigned to Codex Vaticanus

    We are keeping general issues of uncial dating in this Sinaiticus section.

    The Vaticanus retracing thread needs a careful review. The parts about original dating can be extracted and brought...
  16. Johann David Michaelis and the dating of Codex Alexandrinus

    Johann David Michaelis and the dating of Codex Alexandrinus

    Johann David Michaelis (1717-1791)

    By the time of Michaelis, the dating and history of...
  17. All above and the new thread.

    All above and the new thread.
  18. John 1:18 - only begotten Son - resources and discussion

    John 1:18
    No man hath seen God at any time;
    the only begotten Son,
    which is in the bosom of the Father,
    he hath declared him.

    Received Text discussion - 11-2018 - Excellent...
  19. Checking one section in Tischendorf p. xxix ...

    Checking one section in Tischendorf

    p. xxix

    This wild speculation about the individuals who were not in the "annals of the monastery",...
  20. We have a reference to Bernard Janin Sage making...

    We have a reference to Bernard Janin Sage making a similar argument about the name Elisabeth.

    Bernard Janin Sage (P. C. Sense) questions great uncial dating edifice
    hardly any secular documents...
  21. Scrivener comments on uncial dating - the plug in the date game - "glibly assigns various centuries"

    From above:

    Looking more closely, and going to the Scrivener spots:

    Scrivener's "early in the sixth century" is here:
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    Sent 11/17/2018 full note - get from mail.

    Sent 11/17/2018

    full note - get from mail.
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    Abbyy Screenshot Reader

    Check Emails too for earlier 9.

    Current in use

    -- Serif with Abbyy Finereader ( Serif SN# SP01U-SER01-11272-04718-97665 )
    Serif - abbyy Finereader 12 sn# FPES-1200-2005-9936-1860-0712 ...
  24. evaluating the evidentiary value of coincidences - (including post-facto probability)

    This is meant as an ongoing study.

    One scholar offered a sort of despairing note about coincidence, probability and evidence. (We were discussing the Hermas "coincidence".
  25. deliberate tampering of the "LXX" per Jewish sources



    While Kraft also has a section on the earlier day about the Christian charges of interpolations, some by Justin Martyr, his discussion of the Romans-Psalms...
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