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  1. the errors of Swete and Robertson and Hofstetter


  2. Benjamin Hall Kennedy tries to counter the...

    Benjamin Hall Kennedy tries to counter the significance of these early church writers, considering them like a flock of sheep.

    The divinity of Christ, a sermon. With an appendix on Romans ix. 5,...
  3. Gerard Gertoux unusual syllabication if tetragran

    Lots of good stuff on this thread, want to bring it over to PBF.

    Gerard Gertoux, unusual syllables ... ...
  4. Romans 9:5 used as a deity verse in the Ante-Nicene era.

    Romans 9:5
    Whose are the fathers,
    and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came,
    who is over all,
    God blessed for ever. Amen.

    This was a surprise, so I want to get it documented. The...
  5. citation games - pegging the 'criminal' methods



    This is one spot I posted about this important understanding.
  6. Ron Jones website - Five analysis sections

    Ron Jones includes five scholars giving their views on the Hebrew Matthew issue, in the section "Evaluations of Jerome’s Comments by Later Scholars".

    The following is the text from the Ron...
  7. additional references - Johann Michaelis - Ray Pritz - Ben Smith

    Some Refs on the web.

    This one I reference above:

    The Scholarly Speculation of Jerome Concerning Matthew's Original Hebrew Gospel
    Ron Jones and the Titus Institute...
  8. Edward Massaux

    Edward Massaux
  9. piddle corruption personifies abomination of desolation in one of the Mark verses.

    Mark 13:14 (AV)
    But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation,
    spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
    standing where it ought not,
    (let him that readeth understand,)
    then let them that...
  10. Sample from the groundbreaking paper: And...

    Sample from the groundbreaking paper:

    And there is a nice quote in the Naselli and Gons paper.
  11. blunder by Doug Kutilek on masculine grammar, supposed constructio ad sensum

    Facebook - PureBible - August 16, 2015
    A blunder by Doug Kutilek on masculine grammar, supposed constructio ad sensum
  12. AFF...


    Good point, now and when you made it earlier.

    And I do not think FZ can give you an answer. He is plagiarizing...
  13. five who got it right

    A modern handbook by Bratcher and Nida points out that:

    All favor the boy seeing Jesus.

    And why do the moderns favor the constructio ad sensum idea?

    Simply because of the Mark 9:26 textual...
  14. Matthew 28:19 - contras use shoddy scholarship, 'criminal 'citation techniques, plagiarism, unreferenced secondary sources

    This is covered to an extent by Tim Hegg in a fine paper:

    Matthew 28:19 - A Text-Critical Investigation
    Tim Hegg...

    Compare with Sam Shamoun blog.
  16. Matthew 28:19 - additional references

    Historical Evidence in favour of Matthew Chapter 28:19 and Response to Claims of Inauthenticity
    Feb 22, 2018...
  17. Mark 9:20 - corruption version grammarian makes same type of error as in heavenly witnesses

    This is from CARM, with lots of good Mark 9:20 grammar referencing....
  18. Jeremiah 8:8 -the pen of the scribes is in vain

    Jeremiah 8:8
    How do ye say,
    We are wise, and the law of the LORD is with us?
    Lo, certainly in vain made he it;
    the pen of the scribes is in vain.

    [SabbathMoreFully] Jeremiah 8:8 - the pen...
  19. Helps on the threads.

    Helps on the threads.
  20. sister PBF threads on the solecism in the earthly witnesses text

    And we can add general resources
  21. the Frederick Nolan online detail (different in two spots)

    This post needs some tweaking, especially placing in the Greek.

    The 1815 book online.
    p. 259-260 matches inquiry4....
  22. Frederick Nolan figure attraction reference from...

    Frederick Nolan figure attraction reference from the Port Royal grammar.

    Ironically, his auxiliary examples are the non-functional pneuma/paraclete verses in his analysis is uneven. ...
  23. Ilias explains why the earthly witnesses verses has masculine grammar in the full pure Bible section

    This follow up became current when a good poster, Geoff, on the textkit language forum, asked about the grammar when you have the full text with the heavenly and earthly witnesses.

  24. Ilias Theodosis explains how the poetry of the heavenly and earthly witnesses affects the grammar

    Ilias Theodosis text on next post #2.

    Facebook - NT Textual Criticism
    August, 2018
  25. Kevin McGrane has gone over some of this...

    Kevin McGrane has gone over some of this material. When the work with his own theory comes out, there could be some referencing about the later years.
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