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    Petrus Carolius – (1543-1576)

    This is from the fascinating later 1500s.

    Peter Carolinus

    Brevis, ervdita,...
  2. Calvin's verse usage in refutation of Servetus

    History of the Christian Church, Volume 7
    by Philip Schaff

    1 Defensio orthodoxs fidei de sacra Trinit ate, contra prodigiosos errores...
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    Thomas Smith - English section

    Grantley gives him 3 pages beginning in Biblical Criticism on p. 156, after that he shows up often in Newton.
    In Ghost of Arius he is part of a section:
    11. Reactions to Simon's work: Gilbert...
  4. Grabe emphasizes the Johannine sytle and concept consistency, and verse connections

    This was from a time with few English works and before the major controversies.

    We should see if Thomas Smith covers these verses (and others not in English, like Turretin.)

    Plan to add more...
  5. editions

    Additional sources of Duplicio (1540) (1682) ...
  6. Erasmus on MADR

    The New Testament Scholarship of Erasmus: An Introduction with Erasmus' Prefaces and Ancillary Writings (2019)
    edited by Robert Dick Sider (b. 1932)...
  7. Cyprian and special references in Heredia book

    Special Refs - Cyprian
    Masculine or neuter

    Erasmus says first comes correcting the NT, Jerome and Cyprian.

    Erasmus' Annotations on the New Testament: from philologist to...
  8. some additional refs

    ALSO WIP -

    Schumacher - various Dionysius and Ps-Dionysius refs
    Nestle - p. 198-200 ...
  9. Thomas Cajetan and Ambroius Catharinus

    The pair of Thomas Cajetan and Ambrosius Catharinus

    Often give an interesting window to the early 1500s.

    Catjetan prefigures Richard Simon with a type of scholastic skepticism.

  10. Notes Position changed letter to the...


    Position changed
    letter to the praesidius
    Hilmar Pabel - look for Vulgate Prologue - Grantley ref below

    Herculean Labours: Erasmus and the Editing of St. Jerome's Letters in...
  11. Grafton

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    Clemens Alexandrinus


    And more.
    Clement of Alexandria
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    Basil of Caesarea

    WIP - see Cornwall and more.
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    Eusebius to Marcellum

    Now placed in its own section.
  15. Dionysius of Rome quote given by John Henry Newman

    Thomas Smyth long quote threading the needle between Sabellius and tritheism

    Forster ...
  16. supportive evidences

    Burgess refers to the combination:

    Sidenote: Dionysius of Alexandrinus is in the Matthew 28:19 mix, eg.
  17. Dionysius the Areopagite - celestial hierarchy

    Catharinus 1542

    Notice how Catharinus references Dionysius for the celestial hierarchy.

    Does this have any verse apologetic pizazz?
  18. Dionysius of Alexandria - no solecism in 1 John

    This should be collated and made into one or two paragraphs focusing on the solecism claim and the fact that the short text does in fact have a bald solecism.

    For some discussions, the authorship...
  19. epistle to Paul of Samasota - earthly witnesses refs

    is this in Eusebius?


    Letter to Paul of Samasota alludes to earthly witnesses verse, purification of lepers
    David Martin...
  20. Dionysius of Alexandria

    A Vindication of 1 John, v. 7. from the Objections of M. Griesbach: in which is given a new view of the external evidence, with Greek authorities for the authenticity of the verse
    Thomas Burgess ...
  21. Dionysius - some fascinating evidences

    Dionysius the Areopagite - 1st century, book of Acts

    Dionysius of Alexandria - (d. 264)...
  22. the learned Gugliemo Sirleto pegs Vaticanus as 9th century

    Gugliemo Sirleto - (1514-1585)

    The Catholic University Bulletin - Volume 15 (1909)
    Review by P. Aloysius Menges, O. S. B....
  23. Erasmus translation? - '‘the Holy Spirit did not yet exist’

    There are critical issues involved here, because a mistranslation in the Erasmus Greek text then leapfrogs into misrepresenting the doctrinal and Christological views of Erasmus and contributes to a...
  24. additional problematic Erasmus writings

    As a sidenote, I think I have noticed references to one or two other suspicious or questionable Erasmus writings. If I understood that right, and can coalesce them, I will put them on this...
  25. an Erasmus left-field fabrication? - De duplici martyrio

    In Biblical Criticism, there is a very curious Erasmus-Cyprian note:

    We should be given the text of what are "these three". eg. Word or Son?

    If Erasmus wrote this, it is surprising that he...
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