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  1. Dissertatio Maximini contra Ambrosium

    Biblische Zeitschrift, Volumes 3-4 1906
    Amelli, (contra) - Dissertatio Maximini contra Ambrosium - Cavensis

    Dissertatio Maximini...
  2. more on Jerome and Psalm 91

    this will take from my bookmarks and earlier email with Michael Maynard and additional search
  3. John the Baptist preaches to Herod about his unlawful 'marriage' to Herodias

    Isaac Steele
  4. Matthew 23:34 - strain at a gnat - the misprint canard

    Matthew 23:24
    Ye blind guides,
    which strain at a gnat,
    and swallow a camel.

    AV-1611 - all things about straining at a gnat

    Doug Kutilek...
  5. Replies

    Erasmus biographers





  6. Erasmus and the heavenly witnesses - Blogger

    Pure Bible - Blogger

    The article will be readable on the Word Press url.
    Discussion of Erasmus here !
  7. Erasmus - Greek learning and skills

    When an AV contra claimed that Erasmus was simply self-taught in Greek, I decided to bring forth some of the historical information. First the intro. (I am omitting stuff like comments about his GNT...
  8. sister threads on textual criticism

    sister threads on textual criticism
  9. Martin Litchfield West (1937–2015) Almut Fries. ...

    Martin Litchfield West (1937–2015)
    Almut Fries.
  10. Metzger plagiarism of Martin Litchfield West

    Hmmm.... The removal by deletion of such scholarly transgressions by Brice C. Jones is quite unfortunate, apparently Metzger veneration has a strong hold on the modern textcrits.

  11. Related topics in 2016.

    Related topics in 2016.
  12. My additions on the ETC forum: Evangelical...

    My additions on the ETC forum:

    Evangelical Textual Criticism
    What Are Text-Types For? - January 26, 2016
    Peter Gurry
    (Steven Avery - two posts in comments)...
  13. the age of a manuscript is not necessarily a guide to its quailty ("oldest and most reliable")

    Emphasis added:

    Textual Criticism and Editorial Technique Applicable to Greek and Latin Texts (1973)
    Martin Litchfield West

  14. Metzger praise of Martin Litchfield West

    Metzger lauds West
  15. fundamental thoughts on TC

    Thoughts on TC here


    and some misc references

    Facebook - NT Textual Criticism
    Symmetry of variant transmission refutes common transcriptional probability...
  16. Martin Litchfield West - classical textual criticism versus the New Testament pseudo-science


    Martin Litchfield West (1937-2015)

    Martin Litchfield West
    23 September 1937 – 13 July 2015
    elected Fellow of the...
  17. Luke 3:45 - the sun was darkened (eclipse error in modern versions)

    Pure Bible
    Luke 3:45 - the sun was darkened (eclipse error in mvs)
  18. Luke 4:44 - synagogues of Galilee - modern version blunder of Judea

    King James Bible Debate
    ESV Geography Error Revealed
    Jack McElroy

    (I placed some comments on the thread, and...
  19. Replies

    Charles Vincent Dolman

    Originally in:

    [TC-Alternate-list] New Testament Vaticanism - Dublin Review 1884, Charles Vincent Dolman
    June, 2011...
  20. Jacob Triland, Jr. - 132 pg. Dissertation

    Trigland Jr.

    From Wolf

    Diatribe de secta Karaeorum (Delft : Adrianum Beman, 1706)

  21. Jacques Gousset, Jr.

    From the Wolf ref
  22. contra straw man approach

    One side of the story is here, it is to me mostly straw man since I am careful how I reference Burgon, and rarely reference Scrivener....
  23. John William Burgon, Acts 8:37 and the Received Text

    [KJBD] Dean Burgon referencing Acts 8:37 as scripture

    [KJBD] Acts 8:37 and Dean John Burgon ...
  24. Replies

    Rampelt commentary on John Wallis material

    Three Persons in One Man: John Wallis on the Trinity (2002)
    Jason M. Rampelt

    Cerberus (not Cerebus )
  25. internal - 5:11 "this is the record, that God has given to us eternal life"

    1 John 5:7
    For there are three that bear record in heaven,
    the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:
    and these three are one.

    1 John 5:11-12
    And this is the record,
    that God hath given...
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