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  1. Sinaiticus as the exemplar of the wonders of parchment

    Sinaiticus can be a "showcase" example of the longevity of parchment (also iron gall ink, without deterioration).

    The dynamic is a bit humorous, but at least Daniel spoke the truth about its...
  2. quotes from the British Library that should really make you question Sinaiticus as 4th century

    There are more of these, and the essentially "spill the beans" in a cautious manner.

    Parchment Assessment of the Codex Sinaiticus
    Gavin Moorhead...
  3. Sticky: textual elements

    This will go down his verses, looking at the textual elements in a bit more depth.
  4. supple and flexible in quality - changing the history of parchment to match the Sinaiticus faux date

    Medieval Parchment: the analysis of manuscripts from the State Library of Victoria
    Elizabeth Anne Melzer

    Libby Melzer
    Grimwade Centre for Cultural...
  5. Sinatiicus 4th-century apologist Jacob M. Petetrson of the CSNTM flunks Logic 101 - "demonstrably untrue" !!!????

    One of the most off-base brazen fabrications from Sinaiticus defenders came from Jacob M. Peterson.

    The emphasis is in the original.


    First we know what he can see on the Codex...
  6. creating a Sinaiticus authenticity easy read research site or book or articles - Bryan Ross compliment and suggestion

    Facebook - King James Bible Debate forum - 2017

  7. WIP - (add from the 1600 year old thread and...

    WIP - (add from the 1600 year old thread and maybe the earlier textualcritcism)
    quotes about less dead or more lively



  8. Here is some of the conversation, which I also...

    Here is some of the conversation, which I also mirror on the Facebook - Pure Bible group:

    First, from Textual Criticism and Archeology:

    On one forum, James referenced that Tischendorf responded...
  9. With James Snapp working the “don’t believe your...

    With James Snapp working the “don’t believe your eyes, don’t believe the Codex Sinaiticus Project pictures” angle, he is always pushing his 3-part multiplication of nothings.

    Thus, this post will...
  10. the shifting sand positions of Jacob Peterson

    Jacob W. Peterson (who may be a superb photographer) is one of the most confused young men that we have seen when it comes to trying to do an overall analysis.

    Above (and now being documented in...
  11. Q&a 8-9

    q&a 8
    Thanks for your interest !

    Responses, thoughts and feedback welcome, iron sharpeneth.

    Steven Avery

    Facebook - Steven Avery...
  12. What Darkened Sinaiticus? - James Snapp with Jacob W. Peterson


    And will respond to the new post by James Snapp:

    What Darkened Sinaiticus? - Friday, July 13, 2018
    James Snapp with Jacob W. Peterson...
  13. What Darkened Sinaiticus? - the strange hand-wave theories of Jacob W. Peterson and James Snapp

    Dear readers,
    To go directly to the response to James Snapp and Jacob W. Peterson, please go down to the second post:

    What Darkened Sinaiticus? - Friday, July 13, 2018
    James Snapp with Jacob W....
  14. yay --- error correction!

    July 12, 2018

    James acknowledges the error.
  15. "ink...release of acid ... as in other ancient manuscripts, eaten through the parchment, leaving a stencil of many letters"

    Codex Bezae (1992)
    David C. Parker

    Unless the manuscript is named Codex Sinaiticus. Then, when the CSP studies try to show an...
  16. bible-researcher

    Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis
    (D - Gospels and Acts)

    Michael Marlowe similarly pulls out pics, like this one of Bezae...
  17. Bezae Pics

    Codex Bezae
    University of Cambridge Digital Library

    Reddish ink like Alexandrinus

    The 16th page is black ink....
  18. COJS Pics

    Byzantine Period, 312-632 CE

    Notice the big difference in the black ink of Sinaiticus to Alexandrinus...
  19. does the New Finds support Sinaiticus authenticity?

    An interesting discussion with a gentleman who thought the New Finds vindicated Sinaiticus authenticity

    Why Sinaiticus is not Fake - July 2018 (under 2 minutes)
    TruthFinder - July, 2018...
  20. Codex Alexandrinus

    A Study of the Gospels in Codex Alexandrinus: Codicology, Palaeography, and Scribal Hands (2014)
    William Andrew Smith

    Here is the...
  21. We will plan on many pics here: English:...

    We will plan on many pics here:

    English: Rubrication of the Codex Sinaiticus . 29 May 2009, 11:08:01. en:Codex Sinaiticus#Provenance Codex Ink ...
  22. the wonderfully non-faded never-tested red ink

    Joseph Dindinger (not aware of ANY Sinaiticus controversy) pointed out that the red ink surely did not look ancient (and the ms. as a whole as well.)

    "it did NOT look to be 1600 years old"...
  23. Another title for this thread: "Flabbergasted...

    Another title for this thread:

    "Flabbergasted at the British Library!"
  24. rubrication anticipation

    It will be good to show the red ink referenced by Joseph, and maybe put it in the Palaeographic Puzzles section.

    For now:

  25. Jacob W. Peterson - "physical condition should play little part in dating a manuscript."

    Jacob W. Peterons - "physical condition should play little part in dating a manuscript."

    [textualcriticism] Sinaiticus studies - emphasis on the physical condition
    Jacob W. Peterson ...
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