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  1. 2019 Documentary - "Going Back to the Greek" - Steven Anderson and friends in Cyprus

    2019 Documentary - "Going Back to the Greek"

    Facebook - Pure Bible
  2. Adonai theory - inconsistency of following formal grammar when the goal is to depart from the norm

    Nehemia Gordon has pointed this out, I may have it on the CARM page.

    Why go into formalities on the qamets, to change the vowel, when the cholem is being dropped anyway, essentially making it a...
  3. Masoretes study in Tiberias - the living language of Hebrew


    Nehemia Gordon discovered this quote, and others.


    Some more info at:

    Apostolic Friends Forum
  4. the research of Frederic Parpinel - the 24 courses


    Frederic Parpinel - Facebook Announcement of site

    Frederic Parpinel
  5. how could an unknown name be vowel masked ?


    Covered a bit in

    The Creator's Name...
  6. how could an unknown name be vowel masked ?


    Covered a bit in the Creator's Name
  7. examples of scholars with the blunder

    Tetragrammaton: Western Christians and the Hebrew Name of God: From the Beginnings to the Seventeenth Century (2016)
    Robert John Wilkinson
  8. supposed Christian hybridization creation of Jehovah - the key blunder in Yahweh pseudo-scholarship

    The Creator's Name
  9. modern and current scholars who accept the pre-70 AD dating for the Gospels and often the full New Testament





  10. early church writers on New Testament dates, authorship, book order and languages




    Irenaeus of Lyons (b. 120/140 Asia Minor - d. 200/203 CE)

  11. Shared July , 2019 on: Facebook The Creator's...

    Shared July , 2019 on:

    The Creator's Name
  12. John Calvin and the usage of Jehovah

    The Translation of the Tetragrammaton
    By Michael Marlowe
    September 2011Michael Marlowe

    Marlowe is using Moore (and he has it as Jehova):
  13. Replies

    the wonderful early music

    Music - and much more can be added!

    Early Music - August 28, 2017

    Music Remembrance - April 16, 2017...
  14. Try to find “Yahshua” anywhere on the Homestead...

    Try to find “Yahshua” anywhere on the Homestead Heritage website.

    Or spoken at the Fair.
    Or in the external Homestead Heritage literature.

    Yet to these poor, deceived ex-Christians, Yahshua...
  15. short pointing summary placed on Facebook

    Short pointing summary placed on Facebook:
  16. the blasphemous attack of Abraham Adams

    Philippians 2:9-11 (AV)
    Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him,
    and given him a name which is above every name:
    That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
    of things in heaven, and...
  17. my note to Abraham Adams and his absurd response about "Yahshua"

    For the Abraham Adams blasphemy, please go to the second post!


  18. the Hebrew tradition - knowledge of David Kimchi, Rashi, Mik'raot Gedelot, Targumim and more


    This is a topic that I have covered on many individual verses over the years.
    Psalm 12:6-7 is an example that is definitely online.

    There is a need for a book that shows the superiority...
  19. Graham G. Thomason - superb paper reviews the Alexandrinus visual review history

    Graham G. Thomason


    A superb new paper for 2019:

    The Reading of Codex Alexandrinus in 1...
  20. baptistboard - is this related ?


    God Was Manifested in The Flesh
    posted by Martin Andrews, from West Midlands, England, March 31, 2017, he may be the author...
  21. Raul Martín Cruz-mireles - 1 Timothy 3:16 - finds excellent article on grammatical

    1 Timothy 3:16 (AV)
    And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:
    God was manifest in the flesh,
    justified in the Spirit,
    seen of angels,
    preached unto the Gentiles,
    believed on in...
  22. LXX - the dated and dishonest writing of Doug Kutilek to attack Kent Brandenburg

    Doug Kutilek takes from his own dated literature of 15 years ago:

    THE SEPTUAGINT--B.C. OR A.D.? by Doug Kutilek
    [reprinted from “As I See It” 7:7, 7:8]...
  23. James Martin West - using illogical writing to claim to have the original text

    Quotes given for the confused position by James Martin Gray. These quotes come from the time of Hortian corruption and the connected Warfield error of emphasis on the original autographs. Rather...
  24. Facebook - Dawn Erickson Irions and friends contra YRM agitprop

    Also - new good writer in 1600s. - Balthasar Walther

    Big debate in May, June, 2019

    Earlier stuff

    Save full Nehemia chat (and Dawn and Chris W. Clark)

  25. Harry Ironiside - essential doctrines"

    [TC-Alternate-list] "essential doctrines" - skeptics et al. use the Markan abrupt ending corruption against the resurrection of Jesus - Harry Ironside -
    Steven Avery - April, 2012...
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