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  1. Simonides references Dionysius the calligraphist

    Dionysius the calligraphist

    From the James Keith Elliott book:
  2. first two Theophylact notes in Sinaiticus

    It looks like the note above, Theophylact in quire 72, end of Job, is missed by the CSP and/or The Textual Mechanic. Note that this might relate to the editing problem on the margin note of Parker....
  3. Tischendorf, Scrivener, Lake and the British Library

    This next one I think was first written by 1863, by Tischendorf, and thus would be used by Scrivener.


    Scrivener wrote the following from the Tischendorf facsimile, he had not seen the ms....
  4. Tischendorf plugged in a date for this note,...

    Tischendorf plugged in a date for this note, something like 12th century, which is quite irrelevant, as he did not give any basis. This general failing was pointed out by Skeat and Milne:

  5. Quire 72-8v - Job 42:9 - 42:17 British Library ...

    Quire 72-8v - Job 42:9 - 42:17 British Library folio: 199b

  6. signed notes of Dionysius, Hilarion, Theophylact

    The signed notes of Dionysius, Hilarion, Theophylact are rather interesting in terms of epigraphy and palaeography. There is no real analysis of the scripts that I have found. Nor of the language...
  7. mss that are split up in multiple lspots - anything comparable to the Sinaiticus white-yellow/stained situation?

    Elijah Hixson helped me with a short list of some of the better known multiple location mss. You can see this referenced, one by one, on lists of New Testament mss. Off the top of his head.

  8. NT sense-lines considered to be a sixth-century phenomenon

    Encountering New Testament Manuscripts: A Working Introduction to Textual Criticism (1980)
    Jack Finegan

    So now, New Testament science ...
  9. sense-line homoeoteleutons fit with Claromontanus as source for Sinaiticus

    This was a rather amazing discovery.
    Right in the sweet spot of the textual critics.

    Codex Sinaiticus Authenticity Research
    Homeoteleuton - Text Omitted Because Of Similar Endings...
  10. Also recheck the Tregelles "Unpublished Letters"

    Also recheck the Tregelles "Unpublished Letters"
  11. early comments of Fenton Hort on Simonides, Tischendorf and Sinaiticus

    This thread will correlate Hort's early comments, from "rich materials" on.
  12. There is a short paper that is focused on this...

    There is a short paper that is focused on this issue.

    The Evidence of Manuscript Forgery
    James Johnson

    Ken Matto may have a copy.
  13. the argument that Simonides "meant to deceive" - "lied" - and his forrgery "credentials"

    “ Extract from Mr. Newenham’s Letter in Guardian, Jan. 28th.
    ‘“He (Simonides) avows himself as the person who executed a document which, upon his own elaborate shewing and that of others competent...
  14. Replies

    This needs to be combined with the pictures of...

    This needs to be combined with the pictures of Simonides thread to see if the picture in Artemedorus is actually solid evidence of Simonides involvement in the papyrus.

    Artemidorus papyrus...
  15. For a shorter posting of just the quotes, and...

    For a shorter posting of just the quotes, and pointing to this page:


    In the early 1860s, it was stated very clearly what had occurred, that you can see today very...
  16. Thread: timelines

    by Steven Avery

    Vaticanus timeline

    This is a little Vaticanus timeline that was used in the talks by Bryan Ross.

    I'll try to expand this in the days ahead.
  17. Noroff tries to counter Uspensky

    The Journal of Sacred Literature and Biblical Record (1864)

    Die Anfechtungen der Sinai-Bibel - (Assaults on the Sinai Bible) ...
  18. Notes

    Notes Shared

    From Skeat & Milne (who had no access to Leipzig, according to a note about the Camph corrections). Add to this from our looking at the book.
  19. notes

    Surprisingly, this is supposed to be an example of the script they used but would not know.

    not at all. middle byzantine examples are more developed and have a different form

    here is what the...
  20. “upright ogival majuscule,” - Rossanensis commentary

    The following was given in support of the idea that some of the scripts above would be unknown to the Athos scribes (and perhaps Tischendorf.)


    This is one spot...
  21. Three Crosses note

    Three Crosses (with one line of Sinaiticus text to show crosses)

  22. pics of the Pamphilus colophons

    2 Esdras - Pamphilus colophon
    Esther - Pamphilus colophon

  23. Our discussions about script have focused on four...

    Our discussions about script have focused on four elements that are thought to be difficult for the Russico Ramblers or the Tischendorf Manglers (this presentation from our textual script expert...
  24. colophons - Greek transcription of the Codex Sinaiticus Project

    2 Esdras


    αντεβληθη προϲ παλαιω
    τατον λιαν αντιγραφον
    δεδιορθωμενον χειρι του ...
  25. Pamphilus colophon in Esther and II Esdras

    Journal of Sacred Literature



    two closely related threads!

    This page on the...
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