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  1. the authenticity questions - where are the true palaeographers - corruption by partisan pseudo-palaeography

    Some palaeographers have been working in interesting areas like the significance of grime and smudges, the handling of an ancient manuscript.

    This is the beginnings of an "open letter" ..
  2. Hort mentions the Simonides claim to have written Snaiticus

    Hort also mentioned the Simonides claim before the 1862 letter and publications. Some people have wrongly claimed that Simonides did not say anything until the 1862 facsimile was out.

    Life and...
  3. Tischendorf was accusing his own Simonides-seized Hermas - thus he had to retract to try to protect the similar Sinaiticus

    Literary Churchman (1857)
    March 7, 1857

  4. Codex Sinaiticus ...almost free of thicks, scars and bruisings ... kept in special conditions

    They have the basic facts right, yet they hesitate to really want to think about what the "phenomenally good condition" shows.:p
    Minor English editing corrections are in process.

    Of course,...
  5. Sinaiticus authenticity - where to discuss the issues, also basic research and study spots

    Sinaiticus authenticity - discussion, research, study, analysis resources

    With the new book by David W. Daniels coming out, this is meant to really direct you to discussions on all sides of the...
  6. Philip Maertens

    Conversation with Phiip Maertens, of Algarve, Portugal, a fine scholar. Mildly shortened:

    Aug 24, to Sept 7, 2017.

    Non-controversial, simply scholarly inquiry, so there should be no problem...
  7. Replies

    Revelation 22:19 - book of life

    Erasmus and the Text of Revelation 22:19
    A Critique of Thomas Holland’s
    Crowned With Glory

    Here are a few of the references of where I have...

    the language skill level of the people ENTERING the...
  9. the bumbling lexicon scholars of today

    You Don't Speak Greek
    Sermon - Norris Belcher

    (Basics of Greek Pedagogy, pt. 3) Greek Professors: Do They Know Greek? -
    Daniel Streett...


    Tommy Wasserman said...
    An eleventh reason: a few years ago another fragment of Sinaiticus was found in the binding of an 18th century book at St Catherine's. Here is a report:...
  11. how did Tischendorf fudge the Uspensky account?

    Recently I saw, from one of the Scrivener articles, that Tischendorf did mention, in one of his publications, probably 1862, the Uspensky account. (Later he had a doctrinal back-and-forth with...
  12. James Snapp #3 - Ten More Reasons Sinaiticus Was Not Made by Simonides

    Saturday, March 25, 2017
    Ten More Reasons Sinaiticus Was Not Made by Simonides

    About four of this next group...
  13. modern word redefinitions that weaken the Bible - temperance --> self-control

    There are hundreds, and more.
    Let's start with one from an apostolic forum, this morning.

    Steven Avery

    People do not know the word temperance ??
    Then you should help share and teach.

  14. "faith of Christ" and "faith in Christ"

    "faith of Christ" and "faith in Christ"

    And I plan to extract and augment from numerous other sources:

    I will copy over from this first one, for which you would have to be a group member.

  15. various features can show the source-->target connection ( Zosimas to Sinaiticus )

    This would explain the old spelling of the Old Testament, especially if it is generally a match for the Zosimas edition, which should be a match for the Grabe editions. The Zosimas edition, which is...
  16. Facebook - "Is the 'World's Oldest Bible' a Fake?" - preliminary discussions

    David has been posting in preparation, and I have tried to document each post here:


    Pure Bible Forum

  17. Looking for the exact printed edition: Francis...

    Looking for the exact printed edition:

    Francis J. Thomson is in the linguistics department of the University of Antwerp.

    For the Thomas Darlow Catalogue, that has the long name of the 1821...
  18. Zosimas 1821 Moscow Bible used as an OT Sinaiticus source

    With the help and study of Rohan Meyer, we tracked down Claromontanus (or its sister manuscript) as one source for Sinaiticus.

    Now let us look for the Zosima (Zosimas) Moscow Bible:

  19. "the colour ... wholly different from that invariably found on genuine documents of the same professed age and character"

    This applies 100% to the Leipzig white parchment manuscript section. And, in addition, to the supple yet stained London pages, which do not look like any manuscript that was aged and yellowed by...
  20. Hermas black ink accents - trying to parse the text

    Definitely right at the beginning of Hermas.

    Also later on the spot where it was truncated.

    The first question is how do Jongkind, Houghton, and friends explain those accents in Hermas 1.
  21. James Snapp #2 - Ten Reasons Why Sinaiticus Was Not Made By Simonides

    James Snapp - March 24, 2017
    Ten Reasons Why Sinaiticus Was Not Made By Simonides

    It is easy to...
  22. invitation to textual critics who are on forums where only one side of the Sinaiticus question is presented

    Dear friends,

    It is common these days for textual forums to cleanse themselves of any posters that put forth the incredible evidences that Codex Sinaiticus is not an authentic antiquity...
  23. James Snapp #1 - Setting the Stage

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017
    Sinaiticus Is Not a Forgery - Setting the Stage

    A recommended read in full in...
  24. three-part article by James Snapp

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017
    Sinaiticus Is Not a Forgery - Setting the Stage

    Friday, March 24, 2017
  25. New Testament Textual Criticism - Facebook

    "Is the 'World's Oldest Bible' A Fake? - David W. Daniels

    there is a bit of apoplexy in the censored forum (While they freely try to attack me by name, and make many false statements, they will...
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