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  1. when did Codex Vaticanus enter the Vatican Library? - catalogs of 1475 and 1481

    John Monfasani
  2. Erika Rummel on Valladolid

    Erasmus and Valladolid

    More in before and after, but this is the Conference section.
  3. books and resources that focus on medieval and pre-Reformation commentators


    Studies in Medieval Thought and Learning From Abelard to Wyclif (1981)
    Beryl Smalley FBA -
    Beryl Smalley (1905-1984)...
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    =========================== The Lands of the...


    The Lands of the Bible Visited and Described - Vol 2 (1847)
    John Wilson
    Galanus - Roman and Armenian -...
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    Synod of Sis


    We will start with the references, courtesy of Mike Frerrando:

    Armenian and Latin
    Note the Chrysostom reference from Matthaei

    Acta concilii Sisensis Armeni...
  6. The Three Heavenly Witnesses - Ben Knopp

    A superb article by Ben Knopp.
    Brought here under Fair Use, as we plan shortly an analysis, paragraph by paragraph.
    Currently it is online at:

    The Three Heavenly Witnesses...
  7. defender omissions

    On some levels the Grantley McDonald bibliography is the most complete bibliography to date, a superb resource.

    Except when it comes to the historical articles defending authenticity, where there...
  8. the pre-Reformation church writers

    While Grantley did the best job to date in documenting the large number of Latin writers over the pre-Reformation centuries, there are dozens that should be added to his list with footnotes.

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    wild attempts to find an alternative to Jerome as author of the Prologue - attempt to claim Fuldensis Prologue was later

    Jerome's Prologue : Codex Fuldensis : Copied Later? Chapman Refutes

    There is a bit about the Peregrinus attempt here:

    the Metzger charade - trying to keep Latin mss out of both Vulgate and Old...
  10. textual criticism and TC-Alternate posts

    Five post on these topics:

    1) tracking down Fickermann bio

    2) Augustine mystical interpretation

    Augustine "City of God" referenc

    Augustine-Aquinas (this is touched on elsewhere,...
  11. Fickermann translation

    Next we will look for a more complete Latin translation of Fickermann, and thus more analysis.

    Also on the schedule for more Latin translation:

    Haimo ( Haymo )

    Walter Thiele - PDF available....
  12. Regensburg ms shows Jerome's support of heavenly witnesses text - Fickermann

    Dup of 2014 post, with modest enhancement.

    The Vulgate Prologue has significant extant medieval referencing. One reference is special for our inquiries as it shows the heavenly witnesses...
  13. Augustine, Jerome's Vulgate Prologue, the Regensburg ms. and the Norbert Fickermann paper

    We are continuing from:

    Pure Bible Forum
    Regensburg ms shows Jerome's support of heavenly witnesses text - Fickermann ...
  14. Eucherius of Lyon (380-449 AD) - ms. issues, mystical-allegorical interpretation?

    Eucherius of Lyon - (c. 380 – c. 449)

    Eucherius was back-and-forth in the historical debate, partly because of manuscript considerations

  15. Guillaume d'Auxerre (1150-1230 AD) William of Auxerre

    William of Auxerre (strong allusion)

    And in Grantley McDonald biblography p. 396,
    Fischer, Franz. “Wilhelm von Auxerre, Summa de officiis ecclesiasticis.” Diss. Köln, 2007.

    Summa de...
  16. Expositio fidei catholicae atque apostolicae contra haeresim Arianam

    (PL 56 0582A) CAPITULUM XXXVII. Expositio fidei catholicae atque apostolicae contra haeresim Arianam.

    Nos Patrem, et Filium, et Spiritum sanctum confitemur, ita in Trinitate perfecta, ut et...
  17. Eleutherius (456-487 AD) : Bishop of Tournai : Sermon, Confession of SS. Trinity

    Eleutherius of Tournai (d. 532) Eleutherius Tornacensis

    I John 5 7 : Eleutherius (456-487 AD) : Bishop of Tournai : Sermon, Confession of...
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    Research on Aquinas ...

    Research on Aquinas
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    Aquinas on Augustine De Trinitate

    Thomas Aquinas on Augustine

    Surprisingly, Grantley does not give the Augustine text. And it looks like we have confusion about the Meehan edition, since the only Meehan in the bibliography...
  20. Isidore of Seville (560-636 AD) Testimonia divinae Scripturae

    Isidore of Seville (560-636 AD)
  21. Psalm 91

    Grantley on Psalm 91
  22. Jerome's additional references and connections to the heavenly witnesses verse

    Psalm 91 - add to Wikipedia

    Marcus Celedensis

    "et hi tres unum sunt una divinitas" -

    contra Priscillian (as in Psalm 91 section)

    Expositio Fidei Catholicae
  23. Tertullian

    Here are references on Tertullian:

    Tertullian: A Historical and Literary Study (1971, and 1985 edition)
    Timothy David Barnes...
  24. the interconnected elements of Greek and Latin scholarship - the Chinese Wall myth

    There is a great myth in modern scholarship of a type of "Chinese Wall" between the Greek and Latin scholarship through the centuries.

    We recently shared the writing of Aenaes of Paris, where a...
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    Prologue in Codex Cavenensis

    Courtesy of Mike Ferrando:

    I John 5 7 : Codex Cavensis (La Cava) 9th Century : JEROME's PROLOGUE

    Codex Cavensis : La Cava : Risorsa ICCU : Cava de' Trirrenei, Biblioteca statle del ...
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