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  1. baptistboard - is this related ?


    God Was Manifested in The Flesh
    posted by Martin Andrews, from West Midlands, England, March 31, 2017, he may be the author...
  2. Raul Martín Cruz-mireles - 1 Timothy 3:16 - finds excellent article on grammatical

    1 Timothy 3:16 (AV)
    And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:
    God was manifest in the flesh,
    justified in the Spirit,
    seen of angels,
    preached unto the Gentiles,
    believed on in...
  3. LXX - the dated and dishonest writing of Doug Kutilek to attack Kent Brandenburg

    Doug Kutilek takes from his own dated literature of 15 years ago:

    THE SEPTUAGINT--B.C. OR A.D.? by Doug Kutilek
    [reprinted from “As I See It” 7:7, 7:8]...
  4. James Martin West - using illogical writing to claim to have the original text

    Quotes given for the confused position by James Martin Gray. These quotes come from the time of Hortian corruption and the connected Warfield error of emphasis on the original autographs. Rather...
  5. Facebook - Dawn Erickson Irions and friends contra YRM agitprop

    Also - new good writer in 1600s. - Balthasar Walther

    Big debate in May, June, 2019

    Earlier stuff

    Save full Nehemia chat (and Dawn and Chris W. Clark)

  6. Harry Ironiside - essential doctrines"

    [TC-Alternate-list] "essential doctrines" - skeptics et al. use the Markan abrupt ending corruption against the resurrection of Jesus - Harry Ironside -
    Steven Avery - April, 2012...
  7. Replies

    Eudora - Certificate Manager

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    Unknown Error
    Do you want to trust this certificate in future sessions?


    Open the personalities...
  8. Replies

    certificate manager fix in Eudora

    >The server's SSL certificate was rejected for the following
    >Unknown error
    >Do you want to trust this certificate in future sessions?

    It means what it...
  9. Doug Kutilek supplied a helpful quote from...

    Doug Kutilek supplied a helpful quote from Spurgeon.

    A Popular Exposition to the Gospel According to Matthew - Chapter 1
  10. various erfrors in the Doug Kutilek writing

    Kutilek claims that if the original writing were Joseph, father would only arise out of virgin birth doctrinal tampering. Nonsense. First there was lots of free-form tampering in the first two...
  11. This was about Luke 22:43-44 which will have its...

    This was about Luke 22:43-44 which will have its own thread.
  12. special attention

    Frederick Nolan (above)

    Burgon "a depravation of the text"

    Jonathan Borland

    Erasmus - Jan Krans

    Helvidius - Jerome - Wilkinson Mangling
  13. AV Defender and Contra Writings ==========

    AV Defender and Contra Writings

  14. virgin birth, Joseph, father, parents - Luke 2:33 and Luke 2:43 - and Joseph and his mother knew not of it

    ========== ==========
  15. Mark autograph as Latin or Graeco-Latin or two editions

    [TC-Alternate-list] Mark autograph as Latin or Graeco-Latin
    Steven Avery - 2011-07
    Hoskier - Paul-Louis Couchoud...
  16. ========== Greek Eusebius to Marcellum ...



    Eusebius to Marcellum

    Athanasius per Charles Forster

  17. Fides sancti Ambrosii episcopi - not in Grantley?

  18. Muratorian Fragment - Expositio fidei chatolic

    Grantley tries to suggest later dates, although he does humorously acknowledge the circularity of one such attempt by Karl Kunstle.

    In Grantley, in the Dissertation, the Muratorian Fragment is...
  19. Expositio Fidei ad Cyrillum


    And much more
  20. Dissertatio Maximini contra Ambrosium

    Biblische Zeitschrift, Volumes 3-4 1906
    Amelli, (contra) - Dissertatio Maximini contra Ambrosium - Cavensis

    Dissertatio Maximini...
  21. more on Jerome and Psalm 91

    this will take from my bookmarks and earlier email with Michael Maynard and additional search
  22. John the Baptist preaches to Herod about his unlawful 'marriage' to Herodias

    Isaac Steele
  23. Matthew 23:34 - strain at a gnat - the misprint canard

    Matthew 23:24
    Ye blind guides,
    which strain at a gnat,
    and swallow a camel.

    AV-1611 - all things about straining at a gnat

    Doug Kutilek...
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    Erasmus biographers





  25. Erasmus and the heavenly witnesses - Blogger

    Pure Bible - Blogger

    The article will be readable on the Word Press url.
    Discussion of Erasmus here !
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