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    Cana & Tarichea per Josephus

    Nazareth archaeology


  2. BVDB attempts to defend Sinaiticus authenticity while censoring responses and ducking substantive dialog

    Lets start with what was put into the PureBible forum recently.

    PureBible on Facebook...
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    Vaccine Pandemic series

    Vaccine Pandemic: Part 1: The Inoculation Controversy of the 1700s

    Vaccine Pandemic: Part 2: Opposition to...
  4. 2/21/2018 dear Mr Avery Former colleagues...


    dear Mr Avery

    Former colleagues passed on to me your query. (I seem not to have heard from you in 2016).

    No, I did not know of Farrer's book. I see the reference to it in...
  5. no essential doctrines, not one precept - various nonsense and blah-blah

    (index this under "essential doctrines")

    MOSES STUART - Charlatans Misquote

    The way that Moses Stuart is looking at the scriptures is dumb, but at least it is comprehensible, and would be...
  6. The basic fallacy is: Appeal to Possibility...

    The basic fallacy is:

    Appeal to Possibility
    Description: When a conclusion is assumed not because it is probably true or it has not been demonstrated to be impossible, but because it is possible...
  7. there must be another explanaton for the colour and staining anomalies of the 1844 and 1859 Sinaiticus sections

    Let's discuss the summary first.

    > Elijah Hixson
    > "1. Pages of the same manuscript can be the same but look different if the photos were taken and/or processed differently."

  8. there must be another explanation for the colour and staining anomalies of the 1844 and 1859 Sinaiticus sections

    Here is a summary of the basic effort to say "there must be another explanation" for the 1844 colour and stain anomaly.

    Annual Meeting Hotel Lobby: An Unofficial SBL/AAR Member Group
  9. Elijah Hixson The photographers left the...

    Elijah Hixson

    The photographers left the colour standards in each image—these are standardised colour charts so that there is an objective reference for how the photographs compare to the...
  10. Annual Meeting Hotel Lobby: An Unofficial SBL/AAR...

    Annual Meeting Hotel Lobby: An Unofficial SBL/AAR Member Group
    Feb, 2018

    Then diversions to some typos in...
  11. can photography anomalies account for the 1844 CFA white vs the 1859 yellow ?

    This is discussed in a variety of places, so we will try to centralize the information here.

    This next PBF thread covers about 20 posts by various people, with urls, in the Yahoogroups...
  12. when did Simonides first share that he was involved in the production of Codex Sinaiticus

    Publicly, in Sept 3, 1862 in the Guardian. (This is well-known.)


    Plus in the letters, it is explained that he shared that much earlier.


    In a letter...
  13. BCHF - a pleasant contrast to the gate-keepers and suppression attempts

    With the establishment types doing everything they possibly can to avoid discussing the evidences that Sinaiticus is an 1800s production, I want to highlight one forum that shows that it really is...
  14. ending of Mark usage - Euesbius to Jerome and dozens of post Nicea church writers

    Here we will note a couple of comments about the mss as well.
  15. the history of the modernist and contra authenticity positions - fighting the pure Reformation Bible

    Our starting point is planned to be Erasmus.
  16. short summary of the massive extenal evidences for the traditional ending.

    For simplicity and clarity
  17. Snapp, Lunn and Hester are trojan horse authenticity positions - Burgon, Robinson, Hills and others are fine

    be careful!
  18. 99.9% of the Greek, Latin and Syriac mss support the traditional ending

    99.9% of the Greek, Latin and Syriac mss support the traditional ending
  19. early church writers - references, usages and allusions - Ante-Nicene

    Irenaeus and many others will be documented here.
  20. external evidences - approaches of Snapp, Hester, Lunn reviewed and compared

    This section will look at the three main modern resources, and auxiliary resources and give my perspectives on how they handle the external evidences.
  21. when in the 1850s was the Sinaiticus ms coloured?

    Uspensky saw the ms. in 1845 and 1850, and called it white parchment.

    The section that went to Leipzig was white parchment in 1844, and is white parchment today. And was noted as white parchment...
  22. textualcriticism forum

    Textual Criticism forum on YahooGroups

    To be added here.
  23. Sinaiticus Gate-keeping 101

    One major add to the points above that have not been addressed by the textual scholars, to be added to the ones above, that has radically changed in the period since 2009:

    a) the 1844 white...
  24. Tommy Wasserman - Sinaiticus gate-keeper

    Facebook - The Lying Pen of the Scribes
    Roberta Mazza post
  25. Barnabas edition - emendations and historical speculattions previously proposed by modern scholars

    Quote from Donaldson about proposed emendations that made it into Barnabas

    This is very similar to the phenomenon of gearing a forgery to...
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