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Steven Avery
11-26-2016, 07:27 PM
The article by Scott Jones is currently seen at Archive.org.

Jehovah by Scott Jones


This is virtually a proof of the correctness of Jehovah and the flimsy falsity of oy-veh.

Scott Jones is working off of Christian David Ginsburg.

Here is a review by Bernhard Pick (1842-1917) that discusses Ginsburg and these name pairs.

American Journal of Theology (1898)
Introduction of the Massoretico-critical edition of the Hebrew Bible
Review by Berhard Pick

Introduction of the Massoretico-critical edition of the Hebrew Bible (1897)
The Safeguarding of the Tetragrammaton and other Divine Names
Christian David Ginsburg

Whether or not Ginsburg is correct in his redaction motivation theory for the short form on the right has no effect on the basics, that theophoric names begin with Yeho.. and never begin with Yah.. .

If I remember right, there is one or two similar charts, either from Gerard Gertoux or Carl Franklin.

When the question is asked of modern writers why they are inconsistent in this regard, it is impossible to get a straight answer.
An interesting case was the list of non-responses on Yahoo.

Why do English Bible translations remove "Jehovah" but keep the other "Jeho-" names built on "Jehovah"?