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Steven Avery
02-14-2019, 11:58 PM
Historical Evidence in favour of Matthew Chapter 28:19 and Response to Claims of Inauthenticity
Feb 22, 2018

The words are found in every Aramaic/Syriac edition including Tatian's Diatessaron (Gospel Harmony) from the second century which is likely based off of the Old Syriac (Vetus Syra) Curetonian and Synaitic gospels, the Peshitta and the later Philoxenian and Harklean redactions. While the paper is generally very good, and I used it to bolster some of the ECW referencing, this is worded anachronistically.

Steven Avery
02-15-2019, 02:15 PM
Matthew 28:19:
A Key Text to The Triunity of God Pt. 1

Compare with Sam Shamoun blog.

03-18-2019, 01:20 AM
Mark Clarke has a pro site.

Textual Evidence and the Great Commission

Repent and Be Baptized

Steven Avery
03-21-2019, 02:12 PM
This one had the Council of Arles:

Heretics United: A Defense of the Textual Integrity and Trinitarian Interpretation of Matthew 28:19 - Part 1a
David Wood

Steven Avery
03-21-2019, 06:39 PM
English source to review and see if it adds to ECW references:

One Baptism (2006)
Jeff McFadden
p. 14-31