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  1. rewriting the yahshua history within Homestead Heritage
  2. there is no scholarly or Hebraic support or argument for Yahshua
  3. 'Days of Elijah' - mangled at the 2009 Fair - "there is no God like .."
  4. 'Yahweh Lives' - an abomination album from Homestead Heritage - praising the demon
  5. error-begets-error - the counterfeit yahshua even pollutes the apostolic water baptism
  6. Have you been praying to Jupiter?
  7. summary of the yahweh problem
  8. Homestead Heritage actively proclaims "Yahweh-worship"
  9. two gentlemen brought forth the yahweh and yahshua blunders
  10. charts and lists showing the theophoric names - proof of the Jeho prefix
  11. Yahwehism and False Prophecies and Visions of Harm and Destruction
  12. the #1 secret within Homestead Heritage