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  1. which theory is consistent with the Simonides-Kallinikos declaration of involvement in Sinaiticus?
  2. 2014 Vienna conference on Simonides - "Science Deceived: A Genius Fools Europe"
  3. Simonides acknowledes palaeographic training - useful for replicas and forgeries (like Sinaiticus)
  4. portraits and Simonides - Matthew Mayer papyri - Artemidorus - Archaic Mark 2427
  5. the Russians hire Simonides to prepare historical documents after the 1867 fake obituary
  6. did Simonides work for Tischendorf?
  7. the birth and early life of Constantine Simonides
  8. Simonides passes away in 1890
  9. when did Simonides first share that he was involved in the production of Codex Sinaiticus
  10. how could the young Simonides do all that intense textual work in a short period?
  11. replica or forgery? draft or final copy?
  12. Simonides documentation from 1865 to 1890
  13. Kallinikos chastisement of Simonides for leaving Sinaiticus unfinished - was Simonides at St. Catherine's in 1852?
  14. Kallinikos individuality evidences