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  1. Tischendorf 1860 Hermas retraction - Notitia editionis codicis Bibliorum Sinaitici
  2. Hermas and Barnabas resources and timeline
  3. Barnabas of Simonides - Star of the East 1843 Review
  4. Barnabas review
  5. is the Sinaiticus Barnabas uses today as representing well the authentic antiquity text
  6. the James Donaldson linguistic argument that Barnabas and Hermas are not 4th century
  7. Quire 93 - Folio 7 - where Hermas was mangled and folio was taken by both Uspensky and Tischendorf
  8. recent Hermas scholarship
  9. why the gap between Barnabas and Hermas ?
  10. 1859 Hermas from Simonides - dual numbering system - papyri fragments
  11. Hermas black ink accents - trying to parse the text
  12. CARM and BCHF discussions on the Hermas and Barnabas linguistics
  13. modern scholarly recognition of the Barnabas 1843 edition by Simonides