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  1. Vulgate Prologue - super-evidence
  2. Jerome, who writes accurately, affirms he revised the entire New Testament
  3. John Lupia defends authenticity of heavenly witnesses and Vulgate Prologue
  4. why the contras have to deny the clear authenticity of the Vulgate Prologue of Jerome
  5. Is there really any dispute about Jerome's authorship of the Vulgate Prologue?
  6. research background - Vulgate Prologue, canonical epistles, Fuldensis text
  7. Prologue in Codex Cavenensis
  8. Jerome's additional references and connections to the heavenly witnesses verse
  9. 'multiplication of nothings' - searching out the contra Vulgate Prologue authenticity arguments
  10. Antoine Eugène Genoud
  11. Phoebadius of Agen
  12. Victricius of Rouen
  13. Potemius of Lisbon
  14. Research Planning and Index for Jerome's Vulgate Prologue
  15. short thoughts - Steven Avery - on various Vulgate Prologue non-authenticity arguments