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  1. the grammatical gender (solecism) research
  2. Eugenius Bulgaris on the Solecism
  3. the jim (contra) reign of error
  4. how did the solecism super-evidence get temporarily lost in the hortian and net shuffle?
  5. the grammar of the witnesses, where are we now?
  6. constructio ad sensum
  7. Daniel Wallace makes constructio ad sensum theory out of CT corruptions, often ultra-minority
  8. Barry Hofstetter - Spirit is personal, three masculine witnesses
  9. Bill Brown of DTS on the internal support of the heavenly witnesses authenticity
  10. Nathaniel Ellsworth Cornwall examines the short-text solecism apologetics
  11. writings on the heavenly witnesses grammar
  12. allegorical Trinity masculine grammar explanation given by 1800s CT corruption defenders
  13. Greek html
  14. support for the basic Daniel Wallace argument that Spirit is not grammatically personalized in the New Testament
  15. grammatical notes from 1500-1780
  16. 1John 5 three witnesses grammatical gender concord argument Q & A
  17. Frederick Nolan on the three witnesses short text solecism
  18. Barry Hofstetter - USA Greek-Latin scholar challenges Eugenius Bulgaris - Greek fluent Bible believer from Athens weighs in
  19. abstract and metaphoric constructio ad sensum - nouveau special pleading for Critical Text corruptions
  20. Azim Mamanov makes the Middleton grammatical argument visual
  21. Gregory Nazianzen - and James Snapp on the grammatical discordance on BVDB
  22. when did corruption text defenders argue that the grammar is unchanged even with the heavenly witnesses included
  23. additional grammatical, stylistic and internal evidences - Middleton, witness of God in v. 9, redundancy, Hebraic parallelism
  24. the Matthaei scholium with the grammatical gender note