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  1. Conies - the rocks for the conies (hyrax)
  2. Sebastian Münster - Christian Hebraist and KJB
  3. lapwing - unclean (non-kosher) bird, translation question
  4. Greekies gone wild
  5. the English language mastery analogy
  6. Isaiah 18:4 - like a clear heat upon herbs
  7. brass, copper, iron and steel
  8. camphire == henna == cypress shrub
  9. Hebrews 13:17 Obey them that have the rule over you - Thomas Bilson
  10. Seeking scholastic research
  11. qere - ketiv
  12. the pure Reformation Bible - Burgon - why contras?
  13. Received Text and Majority Text
  14. Reformation Bible - textual and scholarship sources and expertise
  15. the Ankerberg show where modern version proponent lost his voice
  16. S. Franklin Logsdon - the correction of a David Cloud error on his excellent testimony
  17. the dating of Codex Fuldensis
  18. Grammar and the Textual Analysis History - battleground verses - heavenly witnesses - 1 Timothy 3:16 - Granville Sharp
  19. Galatians 1:1 and Marcion's "Jesus Christ, who raised himself from the dead"
  20. Romans 3 Pauline wonderful scripture pastiche - interpolation into Psalm 14 (13 in LXX) of the "LXX" socalled
  21. Paul speaking Hebrew (Hebraisti) in the New Testament - "Aramaic" another modern version blunder
  22. Places of interest?
  23. Herod ... was exceeding wroth ... slew all the children that were in Bethlehem (massacre of the innocents)
  24. occultism in textual writers - Hoskier, Ginsburg, Westcott-Hort - also Mark in Latin
  25. lose-lose argumentation
  26. "faith of Christ" and "faith in Christ"
  27. modern word redefinitions that weaken the Bible - temperance --> self-control
  28. the islamists actually believe that Jesus is the Son of God:
  29. Psalm 110 - the LORD said to my Lord - tetragram and adon
  30. no essential doctrines, not one precept - various nonsense and blah-blah
  31. The Fundamental Doctrinal Belief - The Pure Bible
  32. Isaiah 53 - DSS and the MT - Fred Miller site, Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, David Sapp paper
  33. Major Texts Available for English Editions
  34. Ted Letis - infallibility and inerrancy - the Benjamin Warfield shell game - astronomy as inerrancy source?
  35. apparatus abbreviations, portals, manuscript lists, language resources
  36. the Reformation Bible battle against the rcc Vulgate in the 1500s-1600s
  37. Hebrew vowel points
  38. deliberate tampering of the "LXX" per Jewish sources
  39. variants affect the doctrine of Christ - Bart Ehrman, George Vance Smith (also Anthony Collins)
  40. Theodore Beza donates 'Codex Bezae' to Cambridge with warning about textual corruption
  41. the Complutensian Polyglot utilized the Codex Vaticanus?
  42. Ehrman presuppositional approach - the early church was adoptionist and ebionite
  43. references on the heavenly or celestial flesh doctrine
  44. errant accusations deflect from proper examination of Westcott and Hort occult buffeting
  45. Greek lectionaries
  46. quotes by Jerome on Byzantium, Alexandria, Palestine -Hesychius, Lucianus, Origen and Eusebius
  47. Bill Mounce - “In Greek, pronouns follow natural gender..."
  48. Acts 13:2 - do personal attributes make the Holy Spirit a "person"
  49. unitarian Bible-snippers - Evanson, Belsham, Priestley - and the "Improved Version" - Matthew 28:19
  50. Greek grammar skewed by Alexandrian corruptions - Mark 9:25-26
  51. piddle corruption personifies abomination of desolation in one of the Mark verses.
  52. citation games - pegging the 'criminal' methods
  53. Romans 9:5 used as a deity verse in the Ante-Nicene era.
  54. Arthur Custance - The Seed of the Woman - the spiritual imperative of the virgin birth
  55. Ivan Panin numeric nonsense
  56. LXX - term of scholarly confusion, misused can support bogus textual theories - GOT and Old Greek
  57. inspiration writers c. 1700 - Ebenezer Henderaon
  58. John William Burgon, Acts 8:37 and the Received Text
  59. John the Baptist preaches to Herod about his unlawful 'marriage' to Herodias
  60. Mark autograph as Latin or Graeco-Latin or two editions
  61. Harry Ironiside - essential doctrines"
  62. James Martin West - using illogical writing to claim to have the original text