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  1. Seeking scholastic research
  2. the pure Reformation Bible - Burgon - why contras?
  3. the rise and fall of lectio brevior
  4. Benjamin Warfield and ethereal inerrancy
  5. from the Complutensian Polyglot and Erasmus to the Council of Trent
  6. Daniel Wallace Critical Text Dallas Doozies
  7. two lines - two streams - two trees
  8. Received Text and Majority Text
  9. Reformation Bible - textual and scholarship sources and expertise
  10. Hort's seance attendance - ad hominem argumentation
  11. the phantom Lucian recension - Hort's bogus reasoning for the Byzantine Text creation muddles on
  12. Romans 3 Pauline wonderful scripture pastiche - interpolation into Psalm 14 (13 in LXX) of the "LXX" socalled
  13. Paul speaking Hebrew (Hebraisti) in the New Testament - "Aramaic" another modern version blunder
  14. Herod ... was exceeding wroth ... slew all the children that were in Bethlehem (massacre of the innocents)
  15. distinctively Byzantine readings - the Harry Sturz analysis - 150 in papyri
  16. lose-lose argumentation
  17. apparatus rigging
  18. inclusion-omission - widespread text-split - geography and language and text-lines - the text is authentic
  19. correcting misinformation about Helena Blavatsky and Brooke Foss Westcott
  20. "faith of Christ" and "faith in Christ"
  21. modern word redefinitions that weaken the Bible - temperance --> self-control
  22. the islamists actually believe that Jesus is the Son of God:
  23. internal evidences, authorial intent and sytle, consistency, doctrinal soundness, grammatical, the lectios
  24. Hort and Aland warn about gnostic influence on Alexandrian text activity, papyri preserved by hot, dry desert
  25. K. Martin Heide's paper on textual variation and stability in the New Testament transmission
  26. Psalm 110 - the LORD said to my Lord - tetragram and adon
  27. no essential doctrines, not one precept - various nonsense and blah-blah
  28. The Fundamental Doctrinal Belief - The Pure Bible
  29. weighed not counted
  30. the Westcott-Hort recension - source for modern versions and Critical Texts
  31. Major Texts Available for English Editions
  32. "But you have no problem with rejecting similar (and earlier) evidence for the Comma Johanneum."
  33. Ted Letis - infallibility and inerrancy - the Benjamin Warfield shell game - astronomy as inerrancy source?
  34. apparatus abbreviations, portals, manuscript lists, language resources
  35. the Reformation Bible battle against the rcc Vulgate in the 1500s-1600s
  36. Hebrew vowel points
  37. deliberate tampering of the "LXX" per Jewish sources
  38. "Erasmus (and Stephanus and Beza and the AV) practiced textual criticism"
  39. the graph-myth of 8th century Alexandrian preponderance
  40. the Peshitta confluence with the Greek Byzantine manuscripts
  41. variants affect the doctrine of Christ - Bart Ehrman, George Vance Smith (also Anthony Collins)
  42. Theodore Beza donates 'Codex Bezae' to Cambridge with warning about textual corruption
  43. the Complutensian Polyglot utilized the Codex Vaticanus?
  44. 1800s scholars understood the corrupt nature of Vaticanus, even before Burgon
  45. Ehrman presuppositional approach - the early church was adoptionist and ebionite
  46. the Critical Text (Westcott-Hort recension) statistical charade of false %s began with Hort and continues today
  47. Matthew 27:9 - fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremy the prophet
  48. Westcott and Hort occultism - seance and 'communion of saints'
  49. Westcott's Thirteen Principles of Textual Criticism
  50. Hort's secrecy Roby curse for the Cambridge Apostles
  51. Westcott spiritualism in the 'communion of saints' meditation
  52. errant accusations deflect from proper examination of Westcott and Hort occult buffeting
  53. Greek lectionaries
  54. quotes by Jerome on Byzantium, Alexandria, Palestine -Hesychius, Lucianus, Origen and Eusebius
  55. verses in the pure AV 1611 that are lacking in the Geneva Bible
  56. unitarian Bible-snippers - Evanson, Belsham, Priestley - and the "Improved Version" - Matthew 28:19
  57. Greek grammar skeweed by Alexandrian corruptions - Mark 9:25-26
  58. blunder by Doug Kutilek on masculine grammar, supposed constructio ad sensum
  59. piddle corruption personifies abomination of desolation in one of the Mark verses.
  60. citation games - pegging the 'criminal' methods
  61. Romans 9:5 used as a deity verse in the Ante-Nicene era.
  62. Acts 8:10, finding and exposing yet another phantom constructio ad sensum - Hofstetter "you happen to have nailed it"
  63. Arthur Custance - The Seed of the Woman - the spiritual imperative of the virgin birth
  64. Ivan Panin numeric nonsense