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  1. the pure Reformation Bible - Burgon - why contras?
  2. the rise and fall of lectio brevior
  3. Benjamin Warfield and ethereal inerrancy
  4. from the Complutensian Polyglot and Erasmus to the Council of Trent
  5. Daniel Wallace Critical Text Dallas Doozies
  6. two lines - two streams - two trees
  7. Received Text and Majority Text
  8. Reformation Bible - textual and scholarship sources and expertise
  9. Hort's seance attendance - ad hominem argumentation
  10. Lucian Recension - Hort's bogus reasoning for the Byzantine Text creation muddles on
  11. Romans 3 Pauline wonderful scripture pastiche - interpolation into Psalm 14 (13 in LXX) of the "LXX" socalled
  12. Paul speaking Hebrew (Hebraisti) in the New Testament - "Aramaic" another modern version blunder
  13. Herod ... was exceeding wroth ... slew all the children that were in Bethlehem (massacre of the innocents)
  14. distinctively Byzantine readings - the Harry Sturz analysis - 150 in papyri