View Full Version : Sinaiticus - authentic antiquity or modern?

  1. Kallinikos exposes Tischendorf shenanigans - the historical imperative and impossible knowledge
  2. Uspensky sections on Sinaiticus -significance of a strong English translation
  3. why do we know that the Sinaiticus ms is an 1800s production?
  4. Zosimas 1821 Moscow Bible used as an OT Sinaiticus source
  5. Palaeographic Puzzles and the Tischendorf Plug-in-the-Date Game
  6. why is corrector Aleph2 (Ca) 7th century?
  7. the Tischendorf plug-in-the-date guesswork led to the Josef Schmid blunder in reading the apparatus
  8. how does the parchment and ink of the Vienna Discorides compare with Sinaiticus ?
  9. notes on the Kevin McGrane paper - review of Bill Cooper