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  1. white parchment
  2. bindings and rebindings
  3. 1844 saved from burning myth - "ich bin in den Besitzgelangt von"
  4. no testing of materials of ink! .. oops
  5. resources
  6. before 1844 - poof provenance
  7. retracings
  8. Tischendorf's x-ray vision, berating Tregelles, and the ending of the gospel of John
  9. the theft and mutliation of manuscripts
  10. freelance discussion !
  11. navigating the Codex Sinaiticus Project (CSP) pictures and data - where is the CFA
  12. Porfiry Uspensky views Sinaiticus in 1845 and 1850
  13. CARM threads needing checking before they purge
  14. the Sinaiticus Revelation as Commentary?
  15. markings, acrostics hieroglyphics
  16. "The coincidence seems almost more singular than can be accounted for by chance" - James Anson Farrer
  17. ancient catalog at St. Catherine's Monastery?
  18. Tischendorf ducks the English trip
  19. questions for scholars and researchers
  20. Kallinikos exposes Tischendorf shenanigans - the historical imperative and impossible knowledge
  21. Tischendorf claims he had a Vaticanus facsimile
  22. discoloration of documents, stains, liquids used - forensic testing
  23. timelines
  24. manuscript photo gallery
  25. CFA and Sinaiticus - let's go to the videotape
  26. Simonides reports on Sinaiticus before the supposed red cloth Tischendorf discovery
  27. which theory is consistent with the Simonides-Kallinikos declaration of involvement in Sinaiticus?
  28. when were the last corrections or notations made on Sinaiticus? 1200? 1844? 1859? 1862?
  29. Tischendorf acknowledges Simonides skills
  30. flaking ink - does it expose white parchment colouring over ink?
  31. codicology - bindings - two quire number systems - when placed?
  32. Simonides and Sinaiticus -
  33. what % of Sinaiticus by Simonides?
  34. Tregelles unpublished letters - 1976 paper by Timothy C. F. Stunt
  35. saying more in the French than the English
  36. red cloth myth - Tischendorf knowledge of NT ms - Major MacDonald and Porfiry Uspeknsky
  37. priorities for improving this section
  38. Codex Sinaiticus Project (CSP) notes and corrections
  39. "that man [Tischendorf] will do anything for money" - Baron von Bunsen - the tissuedorfs
  40. British Library facsimile 2010 "sensitive adjustments"
  41. Sinaiticus darkening .. "can't this be explained .. pages age at different rates .."
  42. Sinaiticus through the centuries in the 4th century paradigm
  43. evidences that could demonstrate authenticity and falsify Simonides involvement in the making of Sinaiticus
  44. scribal hack job
  45. errata, blunders and omissions that can leave modern readers in the dark
  46. were the 1859 leaves taken by theft? -
  47. no colour photos available until CSP 2009
  48. 50 volumes of scriptures of Constantine
  49. when did Tischendorf first publicly connect the 1844 CFA to the 1859 Sinaiticus?
  50. caution on provenance of mss from 5th and 16th centuries
  51. the Codex Sinaiticus Project "English translation" deception
  52. the Vaticanus retracing
  53. Quire 93 - Folio 7 - where Hermas was mangled and folio was taken by both Uspensky and Tischendorf
  54. more Tischendorf pretend - did not know of Uspensky seeing ms, Uspensky did not see the ms
  55. Die Anfechtungen der Sinai-Bibel - (Assaults on the Sinai Bible)
  56. Uspensky sections on Sinaiticus -significance of a strong English translation
  57. resources on the National Library of Russia web-site
  58. scholars seeing Sinaiticus as later than 4th century
  59. Russian internet posters who smell the coffee (or tea)
  60. Scrivener defense of Codex Sinaiticus authenticity
  61. Major MacDonald's Sinai visit
  62. 3 Bibles in St. Catherines's in 1820, 4 in 1845
  63. questions for those who accept the Tischendorf 4th centuy claim for Sinaiticus and discount the 19th century evidences
  64. Simonides acknowledes palaeographic training - useful for replicas and forgeries (like Sinaiticus)
  65. twofold signification of the three crosses note
  66. why the gap between Barnabas and Hermas ?
  67. the script of Simonides - the 'three crosses' note
  68. needed to study in Melbourne - Deane, Hodgkin, Stewart
  69. Sinaiticus scribal quirks noted after the 1862 Bibliorum codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus
  70. Archaic Mark - ms 2427
  71. portraits and Simonides
  72. the Russians hire Simonides to prepare historical documents after the 1867 fake obituary
  73. Stanley E. Porter summarizes James Keith Elliott to have 10 authenticity reasons
  74. Tregelles and Sinaiticus
  75. did Simonides work for Tischendorf?
  76. the art of misdirection
  77. one theory as to why the Russians sold Sinaiticus to the Brits in 1933 "as is"
  78. why the new binding by Douglas Cockerell in the 1930s?
  79. Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov handles Sinaiticus, notes the Tischendorf antiquity claims are false
  80. the two Germans in Cairo helping Tischendorf - where is that copy today?
  81. brittle ancient parchment
  82. independent corroborative evidences have multiplicative impact
  83. Is the ink placed over the yellow ms. or does the ms. yellow naturally after the ink?
  84. Sinaiticus 'science' - learning to read between the lines
  85. Bernard Janin Sage (P. C. Sense) questions great uncial dating edifice
  86. British Library - and other - modern comments on research and condition and colour
  87. notes on the condition of ancient parchment mss
  88. the Tischendorf Sinai accounts
  89. Hilgenfeld and the German date debate of the 1860s
  90. Tischendorf palaeography attempts
  91. why the colour and condition of Sinaiticus points to inauthenticity
  92. reasons, excuses, confusions - circularity
  93. wip -new studies
  94. physical examination - key to antiquity vs. contemporary
  95. Tregelles relates a Tischendorf Sinai miracle
  96. The Tale of Two Manuscripts
  97. 'old parchment becomes rigid and cannot be folded and unfolded'
  98. improper ms dating will create circularity errors in the vellum and ink sciences
  99. Sinaiticus 101
  100. books and digitization are not hands-on manuscript science
  101. the Arabic notes
  102. extracts from Lake, Skeat, Parker, Jongkind, CSP et al
  103. open letter to scientists, researchers, historians, polymaths, Bible scholars and believers
  104. New Finds - Uspensky and Tischendorf at work and play
  105. a document is no older than the materials used
  106. four types of evidence that help determine age and authenticity of a manuscript
  107. Hilgenfeld's Journal -1864 and 1865 articles in on Sinaiticus
  108. "marginal notes have been partially cut off by the ancient binder."
  109. Artemidorus papyrus
  110. Tischendorf descriptions show awareness of CFA-CSP colour anomaly
  111. why do we know that the 1859 CSP leaves were artificially coloured?
  112. ahead of the curve - points made by rejoice44 at bibleforums.org
  113. two copies of Chronicles is evidence that work was done on the manuscript in Sinai
  114. responses from those involved in textual criticism
  115. why the James Keith Elliott book tells you very little about Sinaiticus authenticity
  116. comparison with Codex Alexandrinus - why not?
  117. why SART?
  118. CSP encouragements to ongoing study
  119. CSP image specialist skills
  120. the key textual criticism argument contra evidences of Sinaiticus being 1800s is the argument from fallacy
  121. what is the smoking gun?
  122. academics can't handle simplicity
  123. the mysteries of Codex Sinaiticus
  124. did Tischendorf trim away Sinaiticus notes?
  125. "over 150 years of scholarly research on this ancient codex"
  126. compromising parchment science and professional integrity
  127. are the Leipzig CFA 43 leaves white parchment?
  128. the integrity of parchment conservation science requires palaeographic vigilance
  129. be sure to visit www.sinaiticus.net !
  130. Uwe Topper book in German has Sinaiticus section
  131. The Forging of Codex Sinaiticus by William Cooper
  132. three fallacies (errors) used to defend Sinaiticus authenticity
  133. facebook discussions - textual forums
  134. "india ink" used to obliterate?
  135. BBC video - The Codex Sinaiticus: The Oldest Surviving Christian New Testament - The Beauty of Books
  136. the colour photography games of the Sinaticus darkening deniers
  137. the conservation and storage games of the Sinaiticus darkening deniers
  138. Vinland Map, Tartar Relation and Speculum Historiale
  139. Chris Pinto - Tares Among the Wheat
  140. "the parchment ... is in phenomenally good condition" - Helen Shenton
  141. Vaticanus linguistics, provenance and production - Bill Cooper linguistics note
  142. palaeography & dating manuscripts - the elusive terminus ante quem - identifying replicas and forgeries
  143. Norway conference - Malcolm Choat and Tommy Wasserman on Simonides issues
  144. Codex Sinaiticus .. the elephant in the living room of forgery and authenticity studies
  145. why do we know that the Sinaiticus ms is an 1800s production?
  146. notes on the parchment of the Vinland Map - #1, the condition of the parchment
  147. "deeply entrenched in the scholarship" .. rational discussion .. canonical .. incapable of challenge
  148. Tischendorf and the Discovery of the Codex Sinaiticus - Daniel Wallace
  149. Sinaiticus parchment sheets are very flexible ... can't be dated earlier than 600 years from this date - Morozov in 1914
  150. the Genesis 23-24 fragments - kept in Russia and controversy with Simonides
  151. James White boomerang - any 'scholar' who can't even get this story straight ...
  152. Hort placing Vaticanus (and Sinaiticus) as written in Rome
  153. Herculaneum papyri - "great seal of antiquity" - Howard Townsend, 1863
  154. Bart Ehrman tells the Tischendorf story with a straight face
  155. Tischendorf in 1859 did not have the 4th century date for Vaticanus or any uncials
  156. Sinaiticus ms accepted as unbound and trimmed after 1844. Why not other tampering? colouring, Arabic notes, etc
  157. comparison with Codex Vaticanus
  158. red flags of forgery
  159. Dabney questions uncial dating
  160. "parchment was often quite thick" - Christopher de Hamel
  161. Sinaiticus web-site reduces navigation and information
  162. coincidences abound!
  163. Neither Oldest Nor Best - David H. Sorenson
  164. ending of Mark - Sinaiticus and Vaticanus
  165. James Snapp attempts to defend authenticity of Sinaiticus
  166. the attitude of the library administrations in London and Leipzig toward testing Sinaiticus
  167. Hermas black ink accents - trying to parse the text
  168. "the colour ... wholly different from that invariably found on genuine documents of the same professed age and character"
  169. Zosimas 1821 Moscow Bible used as an OT Sinaiticus source
  170. how did Tischendorf fudge the Uspensky account?
  171. Sinaiticus authenticity - where to discuss the issues, also basic research and study spots
  172. Codex Sinaiticus ...almost free of thicks, scars and bruisings ... kept in special conditions
  173. why the Sinaiticus and textual and manuscript scholars do not want to touch the real issues
  174. the early 1860s references to the colouring of the manuscript
  175. Tischendorf would have preferred to have one consistent colour manuscript
  176. Quires - Sheets - Folia - Pages (recto and versa)
  177. Sinaiticus Tobit - examination for Latin vorlage, Donaldson-style Latinisms, Athos ms source
  178. a joyride to Athos?
  179. monks write a "critical opinion of the abiliities of Tischendorf"
  180. do we have all of the original St. Catherine's New Finds material?
  181. If the 1859 St. Petersburg manuscript is artifically coloured, can it still be ancient and authentic ?
  182. Tommy Wasserman - Sinaiticus gate-keeper
  183. when in the 1850s was the Sinaiticus ms coloured?
  184. BCHF - a pleasant contrast to the gate-keepers and suppression attempts
  185. when did Simonides first share that he was involved in the production of Codex Sinaiticus
  186. can photography anomalies account for the 1844 CFA white vs the 1859 yellow ?
  187. there must be another explanation for the colour and staining anomalies of the 1844 and 1859 Sinaiticus sections
  188. BVDB attempts to defend Sinaiticus authenticity while censoring responses and ducking substantive dialog
  189. Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments of Dubious Authenticity - Larry Hurtado on the Kipp Davis studies of Museum of the Bible fragments
  190. Facebook: Unofficial SBL/AAR Group - The Mysteries of Codex Sinaiticu
  191. DSS fragments - "The Lying Pen of Scribes" Facebook group - now, what about Sinaiticus?
  192. the colouring of Codex Simoneidos is one of the most amazing evidences of ms tampering or forgery that has ever been seen
  193. Song of Songs - speakers identified in the text
  194. the first public exposure of the 1844 theft of the white parchment leaves that Tischendorf took from Sinai to Leipzig
  195. the tyranny of the scholarship consensus
  196. conspiracy issues involving the Jesuits, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus
  197. pictures of stained pages - comparing Leipzig 1844 and British Library 1859
  198. CPamph corrector - only on the Leipzig section - 2nd quire numbers - knows ancient style - Tischendorf?
  199. Pamphilus colophon in Esther and II Esdras
  200. the argument that Simonides "meant to deceive" - "lied" - and his forrgery "credentials"
  201. early comments of Fenton Hort on Simonides, Tischendorf and Sinaiticus
  202. mss that are split up in multiple lspots - anything comparable to the Sinaiticus white-yellow/stained situation?
  203. signed notes of Dionysius, Hilarion, Theophylact
  204. three crosses note - 7th century? - scribal mess noticed 300 years after production?
  205. the washed Judith sheet, in between the two Leipzig sections, taken by Uspensky