View Full Version : traditional ending of Mark

  1. external evidences - approaches of Snapp, Hester, Lunn reviewed and compared
  2. early church writers - references, usages and allusions - Ante-Nicene
  3. 99.9% of the Greek, Latin and Syriac mss support the traditional ending
  4. Snapp, Lunn and Hester are trojan horse authenticity positions - Burgon, Robinson, Hills and others are fine
  5. short summary of the massive extenal evidences for the traditional ending.
  6. the history of the modernist and contra authenticity positions - fighting the pure Reformation Bible
  7. ending of Mark usage - Euesbius to Jerome and dozens of post Nicea church writers
  8. the sinking pericope theories of James Snapp that are contra Markan ending authenticity
  9. James Snapp and Nazaroo on the Sinaiticus blank space