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  1. Heavenly Witnesses - grammatical and internal support
  2. Cyprian & the heavenly witnesses (Daniel Wallace & Martin Shue articles)
  3. the spirit, and the water, and the blood - small "s" - earthly witnesses.
  4. the Stephanus manuscript question - crochet, semi-circles
  5. Erasmus and Lee
  6. Isaac Newton - Two Notable Corruptions
  7. homoeoteleuton and the ease of omission
  8. Vaticanus distigme marks 1jn 5:7-8 heavenly witnesses passage
  9. Raising the Ghost of Arius - Grantley McDonald
  10. Jean Hessels - first reference to Cyprian Unity of the Church
  11. Macarius, Athanasius, and the conjectured Arian suppression of the heavenly witnesses
  12. Erasmus - Valladolid inquiistion inquiry
  13. scholars theorizing that the Sabellian controversies contributed to the Greek ms line drop
  14. NT Textual Criticism - Aug, 2018 - Hofstetter grammar attempt
  15. Nathaniel Ellsworth Cornwall - grammatical, translational, sytlistic and internal evidences
  16. Jeroen Beekhuizen - The Comma Johanneum revisited
  17. the fallacy of division - commonly used in contra grammatical argumentation
  18. Eusebius and the Sabellian and Arian controversies
  19. Ambrosius Dorhout
  20. for really astute textual writes, one super-evidence es suficiente - e.g. Mill with Cyprian and Tertullian
  21. the Metzger charade - trying to keep Latin mss out of both Vulgate and Old Latin discussions
  22. when James Snapp made lucid arguments on the heavenly witnesses evidemces
  23. the Greek and Russian Orthodox acceptance of the Reformation Bible correction/inclusion of the heavenly witnesses
  24. Erasmus and the Johannine Comma (1 John 5.7-8) - Grantley McDonald
  25. Jerome, who writes accurately, affirms he revised the entire New Testament
  26. John Lupia defends authenticity of heavenly witnesses and Vulgate Prologue
  27. James Snapp struggles against the heavenly witnesses - Proverbs 18:17
  28. Tertullian is a solid heavenly witnesses reference - and then you add the Cyprian connection and more
  29. NA apparatus errors on the heavenly witnesses
  30. Timothy Berg - I John 5:7 and the Trinitarian Formula: A Plea for Truth over Tradition
  31. "The Johannine Comma (1 John 5:7–8): The Status of Its Textual History " by Rodrigo Galiza and John W. Reeve
  32. Reformed Confessions
  33. Recent publications with sections
  34. Critici Sacri - many Reformation era commentaries
  35. heavenly witnesses - Facebook NT Textual Criticism discussions
  36. Mark 9:20 - corruption version grammarian makes same type of error as in heavenly witnesses