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  1. the spirit, and the water, and the blood - small "s" - earthly witnesses.
  2. the Stephanus manuscript question - crochet, semi-circles
  3. Macarius, Athanasius, and the conjectured Arian suppression of the heavenly witnesses
  4. NT Textual Criticism - Aug, 2018 - Hofstetter grammar attempt
  5. for really astute textual writes, one super-evidence es suficiente - e.g. Mill with Cyprian and Tertullian
  6. Erasmus and the Johannine Comma (1 John 5.7-8) - Grantley McDonald
  7. NA apparatus errors on the heavenly witnesses
  8. Mark 9:20 - corruption version grammarian makes same type of error as in heavenly witnesses
  9. the interconnected elements of Greek and Latin scholarship - the Chinese Wall myth