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  1. navigating the Codex Sinaiticus Project (CSP) pictures and data - where is the CFA
  2. Codex Sinaiticus Project (CSP) notes and corrections
  3. no colour photos available until CSP 2009
  4. the Codex Sinaiticus Project "English translation" deception
  5. one theory as to why the Russians sold Sinaiticus to the Brits in 1933 "as is"
  6. CSP encouragements to ongoing study
  7. CSP image specialist skills
  8. the attitude of the library administrations in London and Leipzig toward testing Sinaiticus
  9. do we have all of the original St. Catherine's New Finds material?
  10. British Library and CSP comments that support fair use of Sinaiticus pictures and colour and condition info
  11. the British Library allowed only four scholars to inspect the Codex Sinaiticus leaves in 25 years!
  12. "The oldest Bible in the world is kept in Leipzig like a treasure. It is so valuable that nobody can see the parchment"
  13. Harold Idris Bell - 1942 - defends binding by Cockerell properly ripped by Kirsopp Lake