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  1. "The coincidence seems almost more singular than can be accounted for by chance" - James Anson Farrer
  2. Simonides and Sinaiticus -
  3. evidences that could demonstrate authenticity and falsify Simonides involvement in the making of Sinaiticus
  4. caution on provenance of mss from 5th and 16th centuries
  5. scholars seeing Sinaiticus as later than 4th century
  6. questions for those who accept the Tischendorf 4th centuy claim for Sinaiticus and discount the 19th century evidences
  7. Stanley E. Porter summarizes James Keith Elliott to have 10 authenticity reasons
  8. the art of misdirection
  9. independent corroborative evidences have multiplicative impact
  10. notes on the condition of ancient parchment mss
  11. Sinaiticus 101
  12. why the James Keith Elliott book tells you very little about Sinaiticus authenticity
  13. the key textual criticism argument contra evidences of Sinaiticus being 1800s is the argument from fallacy
  14. what is the smoking gun?
  15. academics can't handle simplicity
  16. the mysteries of Codex Sinaiticus
  17. "over 150 years of scholarly research on this ancient codex"
  18. three fallacies (errors) used to defend Sinaiticus authenticity
  19. Codex Sinaiticus .. the elephant in the living room of forgery and authenticity studies
  20. "deeply entrenched in the scholarship" .. rational discussion .. canonical .. incapable of challenge
  21. red flags of forgery
  22. coincidences abound!
  23. Zosimas 1821 Moscow Bible used as an OT Sinaiticus source
  24. why the Sinaiticus and textual and manuscript scholars do not want to touch the real issues
  25. salient arguments that authenticity defenders do not address
  26. conspiracy issues involving the Jesuits, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus
  27. The Battle between two different types of evidences - Sinaiticus & Simoneidos square off
  28. Euthalius - per cola et commata - κατὰ κῶλα καὶ κόμματα - sense-lines - Uspensky key to later date
  29. clumsy fake - highly specialized people are vulnerable
  30. atomistic nature of modern scholarship is unable to work well with full-orbed multi-disciplinary science and history
  31. quotes from the British Library that should really make you question Sinaiticus as 4th century
  32. Tischendorf 1862 response to Uspensky on Euthalian issue