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  1. Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov handles Sinaiticus, notes the Tischendorf antiquity claims are false
  2. comparison with Codex Alexandrinus - why not?
  3. BBC video - The Codex Sinaiticus: The Oldest Surviving Christian New Testament - The Beauty of Books
  4. "the parchment ... is in phenomenally good condition" - Helen Shenton
  5. Sinaiticus parchment sheets are very flexible ... can't be dated earlier than 600 years from this date - Morozov in 1914
  6. Visitors generally were amazed at the wonderful state of its preservation and the clearness of the script.
  7. more easy-peasy page turning in CNN video at British Library
  8. "it did NOT look to be 1600 years old"
  9. how does the parchment and ink of the Vienna Discorides compare with Sinaiticus ?
  10. another amazing "coincidence" - the phenomenally good condition