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  1. CARM threads needing checking before they purge
  2. errata, blunder, omissions can leave modern readers in the dark - David Parker and Uspensky
  3. Uwe Topper book in German has Sinaiticus section
  4. Chris Pinto - Tares Among the Wheat
  5. Vaticanus linguistics, provenance and production - Bill Cooper linguistics note
  6. Norway conference - Malcolm Choat and Tommy Wasserman on Simonides issues
  7. Tischendorf and the Discovery of the Codex Sinaiticus - Daniel Wallace
  8. Bill Cooper and David H. Sorenson - tampering of the Leipzig ms ??
  9. Codex Sinaiticus as a Window into Early Christian Worship -Timothy N. Mitchell
  10. resources on the National Library of Russia website
  11. The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism - Bob Waltz
  12. The Elements of Typographic Style - Robert Bringhurst
  13. Tischendorf says canonicity of many NT books is not on the "same footing"
  14. Ulrich Schmid - Diples und Quellenangaben im Codex Sinaiticus
  15. when did Codex Vaticanus enter the Vatican Library? - catalogs of 1475 and 1481