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  1. 1844 saved from burning myth - "ich bin in den Besitzgelangt von"
  2. before 1844 - poof provenance
  3. Tischendorf's x-ray vision, berating Tregelles, and the ending of the gospel of John
  4. the theft and mutliation of manuscripts
  5. Porfiry Uspensky views Sinaiticus in 1845 and 1850
  6. ancient catalog at St. Catherine's Monastery?
  7. Tischendorf ducks the English trip
  8. Tischendorf claims he had a Vaticanus facsimile
  9. CFA and Sinaiticus - let's go to the videotape
  10. Simonides reports on Sinaiticus before the supposed red cloth Tischendorf discovery
  11. Tischendorf acknowledges Simonides skills
  12. Tregelles unpublished letters - 1976 paper by Timothy C. F. Stunt
  13. saying more in the French than the English
  14. red cloth myth - Tischendorf knowledge of NT ms - Major MacDonald and Porfiry Uspeknsky
  15. "that man [Tischendorf] will do anything for money" - Baron von Bunsen - the tissuedorfs
  16. were the 1859 leaves taken by theft? -
  17. more Tischendorf pretend - did not know of Uspensky seeing ms, Uspensky did not see the ms
  18. Die Anfechtungen der Sinai-Bibel - (Assaults on the Sinai Bible)
  19. Scrivener defense of Codex Sinaiticus authenticity
  20. Major MacDonald's Sinai visit
  21. 3 Bibles in St. Catherines's in 1820, 4 in 1845
  22. Tregelles and Sinaiticus
  23. the two Germans in Cairo helping Tischendorf - where is that copy today?
  24. the Tischendorf Sinai accounts
  25. Hilgenfeld and the German date debate of the 1860s
  26. Tregelles relates a Tischendorf Sinai miracle
  27. Hort placing Vaticanus (and Sinaiticus) as written in Rome
  28. Sinaiticus ms accepted as unbound and trimmed after 1844. Why not other tampering? colouring, Arabic notes, etc
  29. how did Tischendorf fudge the Uspensky account?
  30. a joyride to Athos?
  31. monks write a "critical opinion of the abiliities of Tischendorf"
  32. the first public exposure of the 1844 theft of the white parchment leaves that Tischendorf took from Sinai to Leipzig
  33. the argument that Simonides "meant to deceive" - "lied" - and his forrgery "credentials"
  34. early comments of Fenton Hort on Simonides, Tischendorf and Sinaiticus
  35. Tischendorf's handwriting
  36. healthy skepticism of 1860s scholars about Song of Solomon - and the complete NT - "not a word is wanting"
  37. research on the Falconer Madan account of Simonides markings
  38. "There are many circumstances in this narrative calculated to awaken suspicion" - James Donaldson
  39. "1869.. somewhat mysterious ratification of the give "
  40. even in the 1860s, Tischendorf prevented access to the ms to control the authenticity and date debate
  41. CFA claimed to be among torn and tattered fragments
  42. a major caution on the Tischendorf correspondence
  43. Tischendorf's Honorary Degree
  44. the official doctored history of Sinaiticus
  45. "mouldered by time" - a big lie about the 1844 theft