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  1. bindings and rebindings
  2. no testing of materials of ink! .. oops
  3. retracings
  4. the Sinaiticus Revelation as Commentary?
  5. markings, acrostics hieroglyphics
  6. when were the last corrections or notations made on Sinaiticus? 1200? 1844? 1859? 1862?
  7. flaking ink - does it expose white parchment colouring over ink?
  8. codicology - bindings - two quire number systems - when placed?
  9. what % of Sinaiticus by Simonides?
  10. scribal hack job
  11. twofold signification of the three crosses note
  12. the script of Simonides - the 'three crosses' note
  13. Sinaiticus scribal quirks noted after the 1862 Bibliorum codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus
  14. why the new binding by Douglas Cockerell in the 1930s?
  15. the Arabic notes
  16. extracts from Lake, Skeat, Parker, Jongkind, CSP et al
  17. New Finds - Uspensky and Tischendorf at work and play
  18. "marginal notes have been partially cut off by the ancient binder."
  19. two copies of Chronicles is evidence that work was done on the manuscript in Sinai
  20. did Tischendorf trim away Sinaiticus notes?
  21. "india ink" used to obliterate?
  22. the Genesis 23-24 fragments - kept in Russia and controversy with Simonides
  23. comparison with "Vaticanus ... looks older ... suffered more from the ravages of time" leaves not so fresh
  24. ending of Mark - Sinaiticus and Vaticanus
  25. Codex Sinaiticus ...almost free of thicks, scars and bruisings ... kept in special conditions
  26. Sinaiticus Tobit - examination for Latin vorlage, Donaldson-style Latinisms, Athos ms source
  27. Song of Songs - speakers identified in the text
  28. CPamph corrector - only on the Leipzig section - 2nd quire numbers - knows ancient style - Tischendorf?
  29. Pamphilus colophon in Esther and II Esdras
  30. signed notes of Dionysius, Hilarion, Theophylact (best pic for palaeography inquiry)
  31. three crosses note - 7th century? - scribal mess noticed 300 years after production?
  32. the washed Judith sheet, in between the two Leipzig sections
  33. where are the supposed distinctive 700 AD corrections in 1 Chronicles 2 Esdras and Esther?
  34. Coislinianus colophon - an exemplar for Sinaiticus?
  35. comparing acid-wear of 1845 ink with theorized 350 and 600 AD ink
  36. section removed before Genesis 1 - Simonides dedication to the Emperor Nicholas?
  37. examples of Sinaiticus tiny and micro-miniature script
  38. ink comparison pics
  39. fragments from the National Library of Russia website
  40. stained and streaky pages
  41. 'medieval' correctors D and E
  42. Matthew - accents and breathings, arrow-heads for OT quotations, paragraphi with Eusebian apparatus
  43. Matthew 2:6 - Sinaiticus scribe bungles Bible Prophecy 101
  44. the wonderfully non-faded never-tested red ink
  45. British Library conservation - the damage is from previous treatment
  46. Kirsopp Lake RIPS the destructive binding done by Douglas Cockerell
  47. "The Leipzig folios had been bound into one volume in Tischendorf's time, so this binding was undone in 2004."
  48. manuscript notes from the early 1860s - monogram, Latinization - mu and omega
  49. do the Sinaiticus Ammonian sections come from the Alexandrinus printed edition ?